Tuesday, October 28, 2008

House of Orange - new furniture

House of Orange latest furniture range - Back to Basics

Very short post today I'm afraid... it's nearly 1.00am and I am exhausted from a 16 hour day at work! Aggh!

Do you remember I posted about the lovely House of Orange in Armadale a while ago...? They specialise in Dutch home accessories and design pieces... and as you know I'm a sucker for Dutch design of any kind! Anyway, Ursula from H-of-O recent emailed me to let me know about their brand new summer 08-09 Indoor/Outdoor furniture range, called Back to Basics. The pieces are Dutch designed, but handcrafted to order here in Australia (by someone Dutch, apparently!). They're made from local recycled timbers in a beautiful limewash finish.

The range includes 8 seater to 20 seater tables, cubed seating, lounges and even children's settings.

The chunky simplicity of these robust timber pieces would work so well in any number of spaces, from eclectic interiors to modern minimalist homes... and of course, would be especially happy outdoors. How about that gorgeous outdoor dining table, perhaps with a collection of rustic pot-plants in the centre, and maybe a cluster of chunky candles in various heights?... oh my mind wanders into styling-land...

I must pay Ursula and Hans a visit again soon!

...love those red clogs that seem to have crept into these shots! details details. :)

House of Orange
2 Kings Way

*PS any other 'Blogger' bloggers having trouble with uploading images at the moment? All my shots are auto-formatting to a smaller size that normal... meaning I then have to edit the HTML to re-size them! I am getting so frustrated! Would appreciate any feedback about this from fellow Blogspot buddies...


  1. The new typepad interface is doing the same thing.

    Isn't it tedious?

    Love those clogs.

  2. aggghh yes. It is still causing me trouble even now a week later! Agghh. It makes posting so much more labour intensive.

    Yeah cute clogs :)