Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nina's New York Photo Gallery

The lovely Duane Street (near Hudson Street)

My good friend Nina just returned from a trip to The Big Apple... ahhh lucky thing. I'm still hoping to get there next year but until then, living vicariously will have to suffice :)

I'm paraphrasing... but here is what Nina had to say on return from her trip, still high on the buzz of the big city:

Ah Lucy, NEW YORK. When I was flying into the States I was thinking, 'everyone has talked up this place. it better be as bloody good as they all say'.

Yes, it is.

There is a lot to like about New York. I kinda get why people have written so many powerful songs about it. It is sassy and vibrant. I flew in to JFK airport in the early afternoon, in the summertime, and from the air it just looks prosperous. The city is orderly, but the sense of spontaneity is genuine.

The thing I like the most is MORE. There is more of everything here. It truly is a global city, with lots of diverse people, so many global retail brands and lots of forward thinking (pardon the cliche). All squished into what we forget is a little island. For an Aussie, it is a reminder of just how remote we are and what we miss out on by living in this beautiful country.

Wow. Great words and great photos by Ms Nina Rozenbes. Enjoy! -

Incredible pom pom window installation at The Modern restaurant at MOMA (9 West 53rd Street).

Nina's favourite shot! - close up of the pom poms at The Modern.

Louis Vuitton's stunning fluorescent tube window display lights up Fifth Avenue after dark. Nice little article about LV's homage to artist Dan Flavin here.

views from the Empire State Building, around 9.30am.

cards from some of Nina's favourite NY discoveries... she's a business-card hoarder from way back.

Thanks so much Nina!

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