Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ink & Spindle

Younghusband Wool Store building in Kensington

After interviewing the very talented Lara Cameron earlier this year, I have been eagerly watching the progress of her latest joint venture - Ink & Spindle handprinted textile studio in Kensington! This brand new company has been set up by Lara and fellow Melbourne screenprinters (and bloggers!) Bianca & Tegan, and will offer specialist yardage screen printing with an environmentally friendly focus.

They have a lovely blog documenting their progress - the space in the old Younghusband Wool Store building is just so beautiful! It's dream studio land.

Congratulations Bianca, Lara and Tegan - looking forward to your grand opening!

from left - Lara, Bianca and Tegan in their newly painted studio office.

tegan paints the window frames (with a little helpful assistance!)

loooong tables

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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for writing about ink & spindle and our other labels too. We'll keep everyone updated through our blog and a first print run is not far away now ;)