Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vogue Living and Real Living

Vogue Living arrived on my doorstep yesterday and as always I've been inspired to share the pages with you! The absolute stand-out article of the September issue is a peek inside the home of Australian production designer Catherine Martin and her husband, film director Baz Luhrman (Of Moulin Rouge fame). Oh. My. God. It's lavish, it's picture-perfect, and its m-o-n-e-y. Good to know you can actually make a decent living in the film industry in Australia. Ha ha! (Being married to a film director probably helps). The article also promotes a new range of homewares designed by Catherine Martin (or CM as she is often known), including a wallpaper range for Porters Paintrs, and a range for Designer Rugs (hey, who isn't doing it?). Many of these products are featured in the spread... must say they're very decorative and a bit too ornate for me... but they look incredible in her stunning home.... I also love the bold black gloss finish she's used throughout for the architraves and doors, fireplace etc... bold and so effective. Agggh.

Real Living also caught my eye this month at the supermarket check-out! I'm loving the September issue... as always the focus on affordable home decoration in the real world is such a refreshing approach (not that I don't love a bit of extravagant interior design eye candy once in a while...)

My fave images from both mags below...

Catherine Martin shows off her new 'do (so glam!) not to mention her incredible wallpaper for Porters Paints... Jaime Hayon's 'Josephine' Sconces for Metalarte... the gorgeous black gloss-finish timber detailing... and how about that mosaic floor? aahhh.

Pattern on pattern on pattern... brave but strikingly effective.

More from Catherine Martin... love those chrome chairs on the left - they give this lush room a bit of personality and kookiness. The Rug is one of CM's for Design Rugs... again loving the black painted timber around the fireplace and skirting.

Vogue Living features the bright and airy London home of Australian gallery owner Rebecca Hossack. I love the eclectic collections of artefacts and artwork against the bright white walls... feels busy and interesting.

Rosita Missoni's latest range of homewares is showcased in Sydney - love those chairs jazzed up with busy Missoni printed fabrics...

The South Melbourne home of architects Stephen O 'Connor and Annick Houle exemplifies a simple, clean modern look, and a family-oriented layout. Love that view out to the leafy garden!

More from the Melbourne home of Stephen O 'Connor and Annick Houle - I really like the blond timber and those graphic artworks in the kitchen also caught my eye...

Real Living features the home of Gregory and Caryn Katz... a unique home in which raw concrete features prominently in all rooms... I like the detail in the shot above. The collection of cute artworks and illustrations lends a certain character to the imposing concrete structural components.

More from the home of Gregory and Caryn Katz - have you ever seen a kitchen like this? The surfaces and floor are all concrete - and in some areas it looks really rough and unfinished! What an incredible idea. The contrast of that grey against the yellow cabinetry also works a treat - so brave but fantastically effective in giving this room a sense of warmth and character.

Real Living also features the home of textile design Michele Oberdieck - a gorgeous ground floor one-bedroom apartment in a converted Victorian house. The home reminds me of a London house - filled with European timber antique furniture and an eclectic collection of artworks, fabrics and nik naks collected by the owner... it seems really warm and welcoming.


  1. Thrilled our little mag inspires!
    Editor Real Living

  2. Haha. Deb beat me to it. It's the first issue that has gone on sale that I didn't see through to the end as far as the production process goes so I got to see it with "reader's eyes", and I have to say I love it too. I love the storage feature (I remember brainstorming this idea with Deb but didn't see the pics until I opened the mag) and Michelle Oberdieck's home.
    Deputy Editor
    Real Living

  3. Wow Thanks for your comments Deb and Natalie! :) It's lovely to know you're reading!

    Natalie it's especially great to hear from you! I hope all is well in the world of new motherhood :) Can't believe you still have time for blogging... very impressive!

    I love Michelle Oberdieck's home! Stunning... it feels like a really European home for some reason - cosy and eclectic rather than white and expansive like lots of Aussie interiors. Anyway beautiful as usual!