Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Raleigh Paper and the art of self-promotion

Raleigh Paper is one of Australia's leading paper suppliers... they have a huge range of all kinds of fine papers and boards, mainly for commercial and promotional printing, but suitable for any conceivable paper-hungry project. Whilst their range is spectacularly comprehensive, what I really wanted to show you is the mail-out Raleigh Paper recently sent to my Mum (who works in an advertising agency here in Melbourne). She received a package containing of all kinds of papers and printed ephemera showcasing Raleigh's extensive range, and amongst the goodies (which I happily inherited!) were 2 beautifully designed books.

Printed on a selection from Raleigh's 'Mohawk' paper range, these books share the theme 'personal best' - explained by this inscription on the front cover:

"From one's personal best you can expect hard work, dedication, and extraordinary results. Within these pages, ten industry leaders share what they consider a personal best within their area of expertise. Presented on Superfine by Mohawk, an example of our personal best helping you achieve yours"

The pages within are so beautifully designed, and the theme is so engaging and so well thought-out... I can't believe such effort (and expense) has gone into a free promotional mail-out! There must be some serious competition in the world of paper wholesaling.

Sign me up for some Mohawk Superfine please!

Artwork by the amazing Maira Kalman

Writer / critic Kurt Anderson's take on the very best of magazine covers - George Lois's photograph of Muhammed Ali for Esquire Magazine in 1968. ("It's not just a great idea, but visually elegant, economical, perfect")

Willie G. Davidson, Harley Davidson's vice-president of styling since 1969 (and grandson of one of the company's founders), shares his personal best - the Harley EL.

Gary Hustwit, writer and director of the only feature length documentary about a typeface ('Helvetica'), shares his love for Helvetica! He passionately reveals the reach of this humble hero - "Whether you're in Istanbul or Indianapolis, Munich or Melbourne, Helvetica is always there to tell you where the bathroom is, what time your train leaves, where to park, what not to touch, why that store has the right to refuse you service, where to throw your trash, what exciting investment opportunity awaits you if you act now, where you can smoke, how many people were killed today, who to vote for, and how to live".

I never thought of it that way :)


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