Monday, August 25, 2008

everything is ok

I received an email last week from US graphic designer Christopher Simmons, who shared this cool little design project with me...

Everything is OK began as a small project in Christopher's San Francisco-based design studio. The goal was to assemble a list of resources encouraging positive action in various forms. They launched a simple website, and to promote the site, they created barricade tape with the incongruous message "everything is ok."

The response to the tape was overwhelming, and it soon became apparent that people were more interested in the barricade tape than the project it was designed to promote! It's such a simple piece of design, but I guess the reason it works so well is that it has a thoughtful concept behind it.

You can now buy the tape from the Everything is Ok online shop (US$10)... and then you can wrap up your whole neighbourhood in it, and send the photos in to the Everything is Ok photo gallery!

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