Thursday, June 26, 2008


Morrison store, Chadstone

Morrison store, Chadstone

Morrison - Winter 2008 range

Bit slow on the uptake with this one (they've been open since March), but I have just been introduced to the stunning new Morrison store in Chadstone.... (I know I know - Chadstone, boring...) But this shop is so beautiful! It's like a little oasis amongst all the bright lights and hustle and bustle...

Fit-out - textured milky walls, limed blonde oak floorboards, and beautiful ceiling to floor grey linen drapes in each fitting room.... not to mention that stunning light fitting in the centre of the store - delicate hand-crafted ceramic shades clustered together like scrunched paper bags. Simply stunning... they sourced this feature from a European designer (agghh.. not sure where from exactly... Denmark? or Belgium possibly...)

Range - earthy, muted colours, natural fibres (some organic) including linen, cotton, wool and leather, and structured, slouchy styles - classic and comfortable. Great accessories too - including bags and jewellery by many European designers exclusive in Australia to Morrison. It's so refreshing to see product that you don't see everywhere else!

Incredibly, the entire Morrison clothing range is all Australian-made. This is such a rarity these days, and is a truly admirable policy, especially for a new fashion house in a very competitive market. In fact, Morrison's prices are extremely reasonable, proving it is possible to manufacture locally and still keep costs fair.

Morrison are from WA, and just opened in Melbourne in March. Check out their website for more info, but more importantly, get out to Chadstone and visit the store. You won't be disappointed.

(Thanks for the tip-off Jess!!)

shop 412
Chadstone Shopping Centre
1341 Dandenong rd, Chadstone

ph. 9568 3700

(park near David Jones)


  1. Hi Lucy,

    Apologies for writing you a message in a 'comments' box - but I am completely new to the blogging world, and trying to navigate slowly...I came across your site through looking at the 'Desire to Inspire' blog, and found your stuff very impressive - and then was pleased to see we have the same job - I too, am a buyer/dresser for the film industry - I have just come off 'Wolverine' and worked on 'Australia' for 8 months before that... so enjoying the break - and hoping to become a successful blogger - but something tells me it won't come close to matching yours - it's very inspiring!! Briar