Friday, June 27, 2008

Design Lecture Series featuring Stefan Sagmeister

Stills from the Design Lecture Series of films featuring Stefan Sagmeister at Zoom-In Online.

I just received an email from the co-producer of a great website called Zoom-In Online.... She mentioned my post a while ago about the fantastic Hillman Curtis film documenting Stefan Sagmeister's ongoing project Things I have Learnt in My Life so Far, and wrote to let me know that Zoom-In Online recently posted not one but THREE videos covering an event called 'Design Lecture Series' in San Francisco, featuring Stefan Sagmeister!

I had previously embedded one of the films here, but the audio was a little distracting, so I have removed it... however please do visit the following links to watch these little films, they really are worth a look. Here's the first film... The other 2 films can be seen here and here.

What a great find! These films offer a terrific insight into Stefan's work and his background - lots of footage of Stefan himself talking to camera, slick editing, and cute animated segments throughout that clarify the chronology of Stefan's career to date. The films are edited into perfect bite-sized chunks - just the right length to watch at work with the headphones on (shhhh!).

The more I see of Stefan Sagmeister, the more I like him. Clearly he's an incredible designer, and is famed for thinking outside the square, but also, he just seems like such a nice guy! Plus - I can't imagine a more endearing accent... (not entirely relevant to his creative output, but you know).

Zoom-In Online offer daily coverage of the latest happenings in culture, entertainment and technology through regularly published videos, podcasts and blogs... well worth a thorough browse.


  1. He's one of my fav's, and I've always wanted to know more... I feel a crush coming on. Thanks for the great post!

  2. yes yes I have a major crush too. ('Professional' crush of course!) I think it has a lot to do with the accent :) Did you see the Hillman Curtis short film about his show at Deitch Projects in New York? That is such a great great great little film. I linked to it a while ago... If you love Stefan you must watch it! :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. I used to know Stefan. He's really funny, really charming and extremely talented.. a very lovely person, you're right to have crushes!

  4. hey Elvis, thank so much for you comment!

    Funny you should say hello, actually, as I was just visiting Penelope Durston of Cottage Industry last wk (who I am in the process of interviewing for the blog), and we got chatting about a little installation she has of lace doilies on a tree outside her shop, and she mentioned you had created something similar and also possibly that you have some good photos of the installation? I think this is correct... although it is possible I have my wires crossed! Anyway let me know - I'd love to see your photos :)