Friday, May 30, 2008

Susie Ghahremani

Susie Ghahremani - Lantern Giclee print, 5" x 7", $20.00
(left) Treetops Giclee print, 7", US$25.00 and (right) Maurice Giclee print, 6", US$20.00

At Sea Giclee, 8" x 10", US$40 (also available in 5"x7" - US$20)

Susie Ghahremani's livejournal was I think the second blog I ever read and loved and bookmarked... before I really understood what a blog was. (The first one was Loobylu, which I stumbled on quite by accident a few years ago... and haven't looked back!)

Boygirlparty is Susie's professional website - here she shares her many skills.... and she's one versatile lady! She calls herself an 'illustrator, musician and stuff-maker'... and she sells a huge array of wonderful handcrafted things in her online shop... from badges to stationary to T-shirts to pouches... and of course original artworks. Her paintings and prints are often tiny in scale (she's a regular Tiny Show Case artist).... which means they're affordable - even gift-able (and what better gift than an original artwork?).

I'm trying to stick to the theme and just focus just on Susie's artwork here... but do browse her website thoroughly, because her illustrations and other work is gorgeous. Even her music is gorgeous. I'm sure she'll be famous one day very soon.

Must apologise - these tiny tag paintings aren't current... Susie posted them on her blog a long time ago and I just loved them so much I couldn't resist sharing them here... love the background textures/patterns especially....

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  1. Awesome illustration work - thanks for sharing :)