Thursday, May 29, 2008

affordable art online

There have been so much wordiness already this week... I will try to be brief today :) Here is a little round-up of good places to find 'affordable' artwork for sale online...

There are so many more... the internet is a big place! Anyway this is a selection of my favourites.

Tiny Show Case

Tiny Show Case is an online gallery that specialises in artwork that is, well - tiny. This idea is such a simple approach to the problem of affordability. The solution - encouraging artists to create smaller pieces of artwork. The result - limited edition artworks for the price of a book or CD. Genius!

Each week a new piece of tiny artwork is selected and turned into a limited-run print production. Each run is printed on archival Hahnemühle German Printmaking Paper. The archival ink is specially treated and sprayed, giving it an archival lifespan of over 60 years.

Also, its worth mentioning that Tiny Show Case structures their pricing so that a percentage of the money from each print sold is donated to a charity chosen by the artist! win win and win.

Some Tiny Show Case current favourites below:

ghostpatrol - Bear in Socks and Gloves
4.35" x 6" print from original artwork
limited edition of 100
US $20.00

Nathan Abels - Island
5" x 7" digital print of original artwork
limited edition of 100
US $22.00

Tin Lark

I have only recently discovered Tin Lark gallery. They're based in California, and they represent a great range of emerging American artists... including a couple of my favourites - Laura Normandin, Saelee Oh and Scott David Johnson. To be honest I am not sure if Tin Lark sell through their website... I was positive they had an online shop section, but now I think perhaps I was imagining things. Anyway... there are some beautiful pieces on the site if you browse through the artists work... I'm sure if you emailed them they could arrange shipping etc. They have such lovely things I couldn't leave them out!

Laura Normandin - (Left) Bottle of Tears
(Right) Painted Bottle Series: Hair, Grater, Ironing
Board, Burr Pod, Skirt and Livestock

Scott David Johnson - Urban Development 50


I find Etsy hard to navigate sometimes... there is a lot to wade through before you get to the really good stuff! But perseverance is the key... there are some fantastic craftspeople and artists selling through Etsy... and they often sell a mix of original works, limited edition prints, open edition digital prints etc etc. A few Etsy goodies below:

Erin Tyner - Yellow
photograph - 8"x8"
US $24.00

Matte Stephens - Happy Owl Print Neat
Digital print of an original gouache drawing - 8.5" x 11"
US $35.00

...and even the super-famous UK paper-cut artist extraordinaire Rob Ryan is on Etsy!

Rob Ryan - Bird Lady
Handprinted 3 colour screen print, printed on "Heritage Woodfree" paper.
Approx image size - 280mm x 410mm
Edition of 20.
US $600.00


Artstream Studios is another online gallery and shop with a good selection of original art and limited edition works for sale at very reasonable prices. Examples Below:

Ashley Goldberg
Kristof - from the very popular Bearded Men series
Digital print - limited edition of 10
6.25" x 5.5" in size
US $35.00

Heather Smith Jones
Works from the Pieces of Mama's Letters series.
US $225.00 each


  1. Hey Luce,

    Here's an artist i found on an NZ blog you've linked to - Studio Home Creative. Really small watercolours of falling down houses. Watercolour is not usually my thing but i want one.

  2. I'm really enjoying the work of Laura Normandin. Thanks for posting about all these great artists.

  3. Tooooohey :) thanks for your comment and thanks for reading. I just checked out those paintings... yes so gorgeous! I love Studio Home Creative too! ooooh too many lovely blogs. I need more time in my day :)

  4. Hi Rachel, Thanks for your comment! Yes Laura Normandin is one of my absolute favourites... I love her work. Also did you know she works for Martha Stewart Living magazine as their craft editor? What a great job! she is a bit of an idol for me :)

  5. If you are looking for some affordable art. Check out

    you can contact artists directly there or buy through the MERCH section. Everything is paypal. Its easy and there is some really hip stuff there.