Thursday, May 8, 2008

Perfect chair sightings

I’ve seen these Harry Bertoia chairs twice in one week and I’m seriously smitten…

First sighting – US artist Jeana Sohn guest-blogging over at Design*Sponge. I’m sure it wasn’t just me drooling over Jeana’s beautiful minimalist LA apartment last week. Aaaagh. Could it be any more perfect? The light, the white walls and perfect splashes of colour… the Eames rocker and plywood tables… those gorgeous little succulents. Even her food looks seriously stylish. However - this post is supposed to be about the dining chairs… gorgeous huh? I wonder about the comfort factor… but man they’re cute.

(more Jeana Sohn gorgeousness can be seen on her art site, her blog and her Flickr.)

Second sighting – equally lovely version of the same chair in black seen on Uniform Studio Journal (recently discovered). Similar overall look… - minimal but with elements of colour and personality thrown in for good measure. I would love a workspace at home like this!

Drool drool.

And just thought I'd throw in Jeana Sohn's picture-perfect succulents (as seen on Design*Sponge last week)


  1. OK, those are insanely great looking spaces - don't think I'll ever get over minimalism. Drool drool indeed!

  2. Yes I know too gorgeous aren't they? I love this look but I just find minimalism so hard to maintain! But it's good eye candy for sure.... thanks so much for your comment :)