Friday, May 9, 2008

Melbourne on Bloesem's World Tour

Centre Place and Movida, Hosier Lane - Melbourne

I'm so excited to see that Irene from Bloesem has just posted my little round up of Melbourne's laneways on her World Tour! Please go visit and tell me what you think!

Douglas and Hope - Block Arcade

Block Place


  1. Lucy - FABULOUS post - thank you!! I ahve a post lurking in the wings on teh Block arcade - but you've trumped here:-)

  2. Hey thanks so much! :) I have been wanting to write something about the Melbourne Laneways for a while now so I'm glad Irene gave me a good reason to get my act together and go into town to take some photos :) I love it in there... wish I had more time to discover more hidden finds in the city... I don't go in nearly as much as I used to. Anyway, thanks so much for your kind words!

  3. Lucy, I love seeing Melbourne through someone else's eyes. As I predicted to myself sometime ago, Melbourne is becoming or has become one of THE design places in the world. Your pics are fabulous, have to get back into town more. Apparently 1,200 people are moving to Melbourne every month or is it week? Either way there's so much here for all of us! Thanks for a super blog. Lise x

  4. Hi Lise, thanks so much for saying hello and for your kind words! I have to get into town more too! Thats one of the great things about this blog... it forces me to get out and seek out new Melbourne places and take photos :) Thanks so much for your comment... I just checked out your site too.. interesting stuff! I'm bookmarking you! Lucy x

  5. thanks Lucy for the mention and the photos in your post on Melbournes laneways,
    I stumbled across it via somewhere? I need to check out the cupcake shop... I haven'e been there!!


  6. Hi Cathy,

    Thanks so much for your comment! I hope you don't mind me using the quilt image from your blog... I made sure there was a credit and link back to your site :)

    I love your work... especially the quilts. I have bookmarked your blog!

    As for the little cupcakes... yes such a cute little place! Their shop has a gorgeous black and white striped awning. I don't think they've been around that long.. you must check them out!

  7. Such a great post - I am going to bookmark it for when I finally make it to Melbourne.

    Suzy /

  8. Hey Suzy! Do you remember me? I used to be niceandlucy on livejournal and we did a swap once while you were still in Japan? I still have the cute things you sent me!

    Isn't the internet a small world sometimes? I still have your blog bookmarked and peek at it occasionally.. There have been big changes in your life! Congratulations on being a Mum! Lets keep in touch :) Lucy x