Friday, May 16, 2008

Madeleine Stamer of Little Circus Design

3 - limited edition of 15 giclee prints

Girl from Takadanobaba - limited edition of 15 giclee prints

I got a lovely email from Melbourne artist Madeleine Stamer the other day... I hadn't visited her website before but I'm sure I've seen her work around town... she does these gorgeous prints and works on paper under the name Little Circus Design.

Madeleine's illustrative style reminds me of traditional folk arts with its detailed, decorative flourishes... She is also influenced by Mexicana, natural history, skeletons and vintage fabrics... you can see elements of all these influences in her beautiful, intricate work.
29200 - limited edition of 15 giclee prints

When she's not devoting her time to Little Circus Design, Madeleine divides her time between freelance illustration, working part time as an art teacher and being a (very busy) Mum!

Madeleine has just put this beautiful new print up for sale on her site :

Half Angel, Half Bird - limited edition of 15 giclee prints

For more do visit her website! Her work is also available to buy through Modamuse.

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