Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Head Case - Call for Submissions

My friend Skye Luckins is organising / curating an art exhibition called Head Case, to raise awareness about Acquired Brain Injury. The exhibition is a collaboration with Brain Injury Australia, and will take place in September at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne. The artworks will be auctioned to raise funds for vital research into ABI, and there will also be a People's Choice Award with a cash prize of $5000 for the winning artist.

If you're in Melbourne you may have read this article about Skye and her Mum, Carol, in the Saturday Age over Easter. The article tells the heartbreaking story of the Luckins' experience with Acquired Brain Injury. Five years ago, at age 55, Skye's Mum, Carol, was struck by an extremely rare virus — herpes simplex encephalitis — which attacks the brain. The virus can occur any time, at any age, and affects one in 500,000 people. Because the virus is so rare, diagnosis can be difficult, especially when the onset is rapid, as was the case with Carol. The virus nearly killed her and left her with an acquired brain injury. She slipped into a coma for 3 months, and when she opened her eyes again, Carol could no longer recognise her family, could not swallow, chew, speak or walk.

Skye's experience with this debilitating illness has driven her to raise understanding and awareness of the condition. She is inviting artists / designers / illustrators and photographers to respond to the theme of loss, with works that are inspired by the experiences of people affected by acquired brain injury. A panel of judges will select the best 30 pieces to be exhibited at The Sofitel, Melbourne in September.

The Head Case website is under construction but should be up later this week. In the meantime you can contact Skye (skye@buronorth.com) for more info. If you're a creative person please consider donating an artwork to this very worthy cause.... You'll be in the running for a generous cash prize, your work will reach a wide audience, and you'll be supporting a fantastic initiative.


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