Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aunty Cookie

all images - auntycookie

AMENDMENT - the gorgeous large red swirl fabric in the photo below is a Hollabee design (Another talented Melbourne-based designer! so sorry I didn't pick up on this sooner!)

I just noticed a link to my site from auntycookie.com! What a nice surprise... Thankyou!

So, a perfect opportunity to showcase the gorgeous hand screenprinted fabrics and soft furnishings that Auntycookie makes... They're all made in Melbourne and are printed on on 55% Linen /45% Cotton woven fabrics.

More bits and pieces by Auntycookie at her Etsy shop. Also her Flickr site is well worth a browse for more gorgeous hand-made-ness not to mention general Melbourne prettiness.


  1. Wow thanks!

    Although now seeing my pics so big I wished I didnt photograph stuff on the outdoor table whilst standing above!! Ive spotted my phone, some nice sun glare & a shadow!!

  2. ha ha yep I saw your phone there too! But it's such gorgeous fabric I couldn't leave it out :) beautiful work! The birdcages are my favourite...

  3. Fantastic! Shannon's fabric are cool & funky...and I even spotted my Rubine Red swirl fabric in the last cushion...wheeee