Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Skinners Playground

Cutting edge architecture in Melbourne means SHIPPING CONTAINERS.

Well not really. But there sure is a hell of a lot of shipping container re-fashioning going on in this town. It all started with Section 8 (aka 'Container Bar')... followed up by those container booths in the Fed Square carpark for The Melbourne Design Festival last year... and now, thanks to the clever people at Phooey Architects, we have Skinners Playground in South Melbourne.

Jokes aside, this place does look fantastic... the 4 containers have been modified enough to make it feel like a really well considered design (rather than just a hunk of metal plonked on a car park). Of course the obvious other benefits are the eco-friendly element and the relatively low cost of this kind of project. Apparently all the materials that went into its construction were reclaimed or recycled... good on 'em :)

The project was the recent recipient of an 'Architecture Review Award for Emerging Architecture' in the UK.

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  1. Pete (the ph part of phooey) gave the first speech at our wedding. Hes a FAB architect as is his wife Emma ( the ey of phooey:-)