Monday, February 25, 2008

MocoLoco - behind the blog

Apartment Therapy Unplugged posted a great little 'behind the blog' article about MocoLoco... It's always nice to snoop into the workspaces of creative people... and there's also something very satisfying about seeing the physical world behind your favourite blogs/websites! I guess it makes the whole blog-reading experience seem more personal.

I particularly love MocoLoco's 10 foot high acrylic divider/screen featuring a stylised map of their local neighbourhood in Montreal. It was made by Montreal design outfit Rita Design Studio. I'm assuming it's a vinyl cut just stuck onto the acrylic? Super simple, cheap and so effective.

ps) OH OH I have just been looking at Rita Design Studio's website and you must check out some of their other work... such varied projects - from graphic solutions to really large-scale installations... unique concepts, and well executed too. Go look. (a couple of pictures below)


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