Thursday, February 7, 2008

Proef part 2

Photos of Proef Rotterdam

I little while ago I posted a very brief entry about Amsterdam based food designer Marije Vogelzang, and her inspired 'eating design' business and restaurant - Proef. Since then I have found out a little more about Proef, and have also collected some beautiful photos of Marije's work, so I thought this deserved an update post!

I dug up a great article about Marije from Wallpaper magazine a while back... It explains that Marije's culinary creations caught the attention of Li Edelkoort, chair of The Design Academy Eindhoven (and now revered trend forecaster) back in 1999 when she was in her 3rd year of Industrial Design there. It was around this time that Marije's relationship with Dutch design collective Droog came about.... and from there spiralled project after project... one of my favourite stories from this article was Marije's approach to a brief by a pediatric clinic in the Bronx, New York. She was asked to devise a program to encourage kids brought up on a diet of fried, unhealthy foods to be more adventurous in their food choices. Instead of focusing on the academic arguments for eating low fat rather than high fat foods (which I'm assuming would bore most kids to death), she based her approach on colour philosophy - offering kids a rainbow of 'good mood foods' where red foods are associated with energy, green with wealth, yellow with friends... What an inspired way to tackle this problem!

Marije now travels the worls making 'edible installations' and food-based events for prestigious clients including BMW, L'Oreal etc... whilst her two restaurants (in Rotterdam and Amsterdam) continue to delight customers. The Rotterdam Proef has a homely 'open kitchen' approach, in which diners can share a lunch table with working chefs. Proef in Amsterdam in a more industrial space (an old factory), and here diners help themselves to DIY gourmet sandwiches, salads and simple soup... mmm. Feeling hungry anyone?

The photos above were taken by my friend and colleague Victoria, who read my post and said that Proef in Rotterdam was her favourite coffee spot while on holiday there last year! So the photos above are Victoria's holiday snaps - love the plate of tea options - beautiful presentation. Thanks Vic!

Images below - Wallpaper article (sorry not sure which issue... but it was a while ago)

The pictures above are from a 'late lunch' Marije designed for Wallpaper magazine... the theme was 'shades of grey'... Marije said she tried to make a feast that 'looked like a black a white picture'. She sprinkled sea salt and poppy seeds over the whole table, and used squid ink to print text onto the foods and plates. She labelled the cheese with 'really expensive ash-covered goats cheese', and printed words like 'dull, dull' and 'boring' onto the vegetables. Ha! Love it!

Bloesem's shots of Proef Amsterdam

Lastly - I was reminded by Irene of Bloesem yesterday that way back in January 07 she posted a weekend read about Amsterdam which included a review of Proef, and some info about Marije... I can't believe I didn't remember reading this at the time! I think it was Irene's first weekend read and I remember it made me want to visit Amsterdam so badly! You must check out the weekend reads section of her blog...


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