Monday, January 28, 2008

The Powerhouse Museum Collection

The beautiful 'Linenfold' sideboard is the work of Adelaide-based designer Khai Liew. (He has a website but it doesn't seem to be working for me...)

The piece is part of Sydney's Powerhouse Museum collection... Their website has images and information about their entire collection of designed objects - including textiles, furniture, lighting, printed matter, clothing, packaging, jewellery... the list goes on! In addition to the most obscure pieces of lacework from Paraguay, and kids pyjamas, the museum houses hundreds of very famous, classic pieces - The collection includes Mark Newson's Lockheed lounge, a variety of original Eames pieces, a collection of original pieces designer by Grant Featherston...

The Powerhouse Museum website is a fantastic resource - you can search by designer, by item, by material or even by colour. Lots of Australian designers are represented but there's also an extensive collection of work by international designers... well worth a look.


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