Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hot Spots

Right Angle Publishing are so cool. They just seem like the kind of people who know about everything first. I guess that's their job. But man, are they good at it. The latest offering from these guys is 'Hot Spots' - a free pocket guide funded by the City of Melbourne, covering all the best things to do and see in the city of Melbourne. The current issue is Volume 3, the January-March edition.

It's a fantastic little guide - it splits the city up into 6 sections, with a brief overview of each area, a map, a 'hotlist' of places to visit, and a really cute section where a local person shares their idea of a 'perfect day' in that area. City of Melbourne seem to be pushing them to promote the Docklands a bit - they're kind of struggling for content here... but generally it's a great round-up of what the City has to offer over summer. It's really well written - funny and dry, but friendly too... and I guarantee you won't have heard of half the places they recommend - even if you think you know the city like the back of your hand. Right Angle work out of Curtin House (of course!) and even if the newest cafe in town is just a coffee machine and 2 stools in a doorway somewhere down a laneway, these guys know about it.

Hot Spots is also, importantly(!), really well designed - great photos, great colours, layout and type... simple but effective. The Art Direction is by The Co-Op, who are also based in Curtin House and do a lot of City of Melbourne promotional material... it's all great great GREAT, and their work is definitely worth a look in its own right. (ie go look at their website).

Grab a copy of Hot Spots Volume 3 now at one of those bookshops/record shops/cafes that have magazines on the floor near the door. OR download a copy here.


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