Thursday, January 17, 2008

Five Boroughs

Ceramics by Kenji Uranishi

Handmade soft toys

Holly Daze printed cushions

Five Boroughs is a gorgeous new shop that opened last November just around the corner from me in the rapidly changing top end of Lygon st, Brunswick. The great retro graphic signage in their window has been catching my eye for a few weeks now, and today was finally the day I stopped by!

The shop is owned and run by young designers Stephanie Fleming and her partner Kyle De Kuijer. I chatted to Steph whilst in the shop and learnt that this is their second business together. The pair have been creating screenprinted textiles for their soft furnishings range, Holly Daze, for the past 3 years (I hope these details are correct Steph!). They now operate Holly Daze on site at the back of their shop - designing and printing new products - whilst Five Boroughs showcases these pieces as well as the work of other local and international designers.

My favourite finds at Five Boroughs include:

- Printed teatowels featuring beautiful, simple illustrations by UK design outfit Sukie. Too cute to wipe your dishes with! (check out their website too - more fantastic retro type and graphics!)

- Delicate ceramics by Brisbane based Japanese designer Kenji Uranishi. (photos above)
- Kooky handmade soft toys in a colourful collection of printed fabrics - created by Steph's talented Mum!
- ...and sorry to carry on but I really loved the graphics on the shops signage and business cards! The type, the 50's shapes and muted colour palette... understated but unique and eye catching - all designed by Kyle.

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