Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pacquita Maher wall murals

Custom wall murals by Melbourne-based artist Pacquita Maher

Incredible ceiling frescoes by Pacquita Maher

Left - falling leaves wall mural by Pacquita Maher, right - Pacquita at home in Melbourne.

How incredible are these custom wall murals by Melbourne artist Pacquita Maher?! Pacquita has a background in graphic design and illustration, but it was a happy accident which landed her her first job in large scale mural painting. Whilst working as a receptionist in a busy London restaurant, she was handed the opportunity to work on the mural of a new restaurant with no previous experience - except that the manager knew she was 'an artist'! She fudged her way through the interview and spent the next seven years painting murals in venues around the UK!

Since returning to Melbourne, Pacquita's clients have included the Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Attica and Luxe restaurants. Her varied work is inspired by patterns in nature, vintage wallpaper, classical and modern art.

Do pop over to Pacquita's website for more beautiful images of her work...!

Where the Wild Things Are mural by Pacquita Maher


  1. Oh my goodness, her work is stunning.
    What a talented woman!
    Janette - My Sweet Prints

  2. what a wonderful turn of events, the murals are beautiful.

  3. wow... that where the wild things are wall is incredible! what a lucky little tike!