Thursday, July 22, 2010

Melbourne scarves, Melbourne Style

Melbourne Scarves by Melbourne Style

There is a time and place for a good souvenir. After all, one doesn't normally take much notice of souvenirs in their own home town, do they? It's the kind of thing that's pretty much invisible unless you're on holiday. This is the only excuse I can come up with for not knowing about Melbourne Style before now!

Melbourne Style is a store/gallery in South Melbourne specialising in 'Melburnia' - gifts inspired by Melbourne. Proprietor Maree Coote designs many of these products in house - their current range includes these new 'Melbourne scarves' featuring recognisable Melbourne buildings, Melbourne birds, local flowers and trees. Whilst you can't really go around wearing a Melbourne scarf whilst you are living here, these would make the perfect gift for a Melbourne-loving out-of-towner... They really are the most interesting and well-designed souvenir-style gifts I have come across. Much better than a key rack painted like a tram, or a hunk of warped native timber with googly eyes.

In addition to stocking random Melbourne-inspired gifts, Melbourne Style is also one of the only local stockists of homewares and furniture by Spanish super designer Jaime Hayon!? Curiouser and curiouser!!

Do pop over and check out Melbourne Style's varied product collection online!

Melbourne Style
155 Clarendon st

South Melbourne

ph. 03 9696 8445


  1. oh I don't know Lucy- I'd quite like a key rack painted like a tram! Although, as a Brisbanite, I could definitely do one of those beautiful scarves.

  2. beautiful scarves!