Monday, June 21, 2010


I don't often blog about fashion, but I just had to share these gorgeous finds by Sydney-based fashion label Rittenhouse.... Their spring/summer '10 range is just pure simple understated loveliness. These pieces seem somehow more French than Australian in style... love the layering, the muted colours and soft stripes. Purchase from the Rittenhouse website or from stockists listed here.

HOWEVER what really caught my eye whilst browsing the Rittenhouse website was their 2009 collab with Swiss husband-and-wife artists Michael Husmann and Pascale Mira Tschaeni (aka Husmann/Tschaeni) Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe the gorgeousness. Unfortunately many of the loveliest pieces are sold out. Which totally serves me right for catching on about 9 months too late. Where have I BEEN!? bleh.

Rittenhouse / Husmann/Tschaeni 2009 collaboration


  1. They are really works of art! Love the first blouse as well, those patterns though!

    Art by Karena

  2. LOVING the Rittenhouse navy skirt! Would be such a cute staple this Winter with tights and boots. Thanks for sharing - I too am late on the mark!

  3. those collaboration pieces are love the first dress!

  4. really beautiful pieces!

  5. I love these guys. I always thought they must be from Melbourne but happily discovered they were from Sydney. You see usually I find the cooler more different, beautiful things from this country are from your city Lucy!
    Thanks for sharing.
    The shapes of their designs and the patterns of this collection are truly stunning!

  6. Love the navy zig zag skirt too! I just looked on the web and it;s sold out - and it;s $280!!

    I found out about Rittenhouse last year because they make cute kids clothes - they aren;t in many stores in Melbourne and if they are in - there isn;t a lot of stock.

    Love fashion posts too!

  7. those prints are just gorgeous! what beautiful colours. i want! want! want!