Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monk House Design

Monk House Design - Lygon st East Brunwick.

Everyone's favourite - Melissa shoes.

LOVE the Orb Clutch bags by Melbourne designers House of Baulch

There is much to love about Brunswick fashion boutique Monk House Design. They stock a brilliant, carefully edited collection of local and international fashion labels including Leonard st, Preap & Coutts, accessories by Beci Orpin and Victoria Mason, and of course those unwaveringly popular Melissa shoes - for the super-stylish professional young Melbourne lass!

Those elsewhere in the world (or just on the other side of town!) will also be happy to know that Monk House have just launched a brand new online store! Jeepers...such truly gorgeous things - I already have a shopping list!

My Monk House wishlist! - Kuwaii Lost Dress in Charcoal, St Clements Silk Conchord top in Dove Grey (on sale!)

Super sexy Melissa Ashanti flocked boots - (also on sale - $119.00!). ps) I tried these on last week and you have NO IDEA how comfortable and cushioned they are inside! Truly!

...and if you're wondering about Monk House's seriously stunning new brand identity / logo - it'll be no surprise to learn that this is the delicious design work of Kat Macleod and the genius girls at Ortolan. I am so in love with the painterley hand-drawn type... and what about those pale pink and black faceted gemstones...!!! Agghhh. Perfectest logo EVER.

Monk House Design
102 Lygon st

Brunswick East

ph. 9381 1191

Open 7 days, 11.00am - 6.00pm


  1. Oh I love the Kuwaii Lost Dress!! Will need to do some swift penny saving I think....

    Lucy can you recommend any shops in Melb that have old/second-hand wooden-type furniture that needs love?

  2. so gorgeous. i am in love with the branding for this store xx