Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glenlyon Home - Magali Gentric and Jason Waterhouse

The Glenlyon home of Magali Gentric and Jason Waterhouse

Vintage signage in the loungeroom, vintage children's xylophone

Reclaimed stained glass window in the bathroom

Industrial pigeon-hole shelves and details in the bedroom

Kitchen and bathroom details - reclaimed pressed metal in the kitchen, and an old bus door in the bathroom!

Be warned. This is another story about an incredible overachieving local family! Magali Gentric and Jason Waterhouse have spent the last 3 years building and renovating their home in Glenlyon (not far from Daylesford), bringing up three kids, working (Jason is a prize-winning sculptor - Magali is a web designer and lecturer) - all whilst building a successful local business from scratch! The pair are proud owners and directors of regional 'makers space' Wolf At the Door, located in Hepburn Springs. Jeepers creepers. I guess the water in Victoria's spa country really must have energising powers!

Magali and Jason's home is just off the Glenlyon 'main drag', found at the end of a dirt track, amongst beautiful bushland and farming properties. They bought the property from Jason's Dad in 2000 with a definite 'slow down' philosophy in mind. Having experienced busy city lives elsewhere (Jason teaching and working in Melbourne, and Magali in France, London and Melbourne), both decided they wanted to live a simpler life where they could bring up their children in a stress-free environment.

Jason and Magali began their renovations in 2006. They extended on the original house by incorporating a shipping container for two of the childrens' bedrooms, added split level floor, and creating a sizable 'bloke-shed' - where Jason and son Milo spend much of their time together, building structures for the house and property, making sculptures, and working on Jason’s hotted up early-70s, metallic-blue Toyota Crown - which he shows on occasion in Motor Shows, and in which he and Magali cruise around the region!

Magali and Jason love living in Glenlyon - the sense of community, the space, the people, growing their own vegies, the sense of possibility - everything! They have made many modifications to their home which means they live almost entirely 'off the grid' (except for the internet!).

Lush green view from bedroom/studio

Green house

Jason & Magali have planted a large organic kitchen garden which supplies them with luscious vegies each season. The pair have also redeveloped the terraced greenhouse at the back of the house, planted olive trees, and spent time direct-seeding several acres with native trees, to re-vegetate the property. From the front door you can hear the Loddon River which runs right through the property.

More lovely things at Wolf At the Door - top left - ceramics by Kris Coad, top right - teacup lights by Gregory Bonsera.

Wolf at the Door is Magali and Jason's gorgeous little store in Hepburn Springs, which will celebrate it's first birthday next month! However, there won't be much time for M&J to stop and rest on their laurels! The pair are busily working on a brand new and very ambitious project - an arts complex called Stockroom in neighbouring Kyneton.

Stockroom is a big undertaking; converted from an ex-wool factory built in the 1860s, it will house artist studios, an exhibition space, a retail store, custom-built spaces for makers and designers to exhibit and sell their work direct to the public, and eventually a cafe. It promises to be an incredible central arts hub for in the region - so much for slowing down!

Wolf at the Door
113 Main street

Hepburn Springs

(03) 5348 3158

*HUGE THANKS to Megan Spencer for facilitating this feature and supplying all the shots and info. I must admit I have borrowed many of the words here... *Thanks so much Megan!


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