Monday, May 17, 2010

Studio Nommo

Bespoke digitally-printed wallpapers by Istabul-based Studio Nommo

Studio Nommo is an Istanbul-based bespoke wallpaper company that collaborates with emerging and established designers from all over the world to create their vibrant and slightly wacky wallpaper and wall sticker designs. I realise the design world is pretty much at full capacity already when it comes to illustrated wallpapers and wall stickers... but there is just something about Studio Nommo which is begging me to blog blog blog them! :) The designs are just so kooky and busy and brave... possibly best relegated to kids' rooms, but nevertheless they are lovely to look at, and make for some really gorgeous and interesting interior spaces to browse through on the Studio Nommo website.

Studio Nommo is slightly different from your average bespoke wallpaper company, in that they digitally print their papers on demand - allowing a lot of freedom to customise each order. You can scale their designs to exactly fit your wall (with a handy web tool which allows you to superimpose their designs onto your own photos for a virtual preview)... OR you can even send them your very own design and they will print it for you within a 3-week turnaround time! AMAZING.

Studio Nommo ship worldwide... and at approx AU$180 per wallpaper roll (10.75m long), they are actually insanely good value for bespoke wallpaper.... or any large-format printing for that matter.

Australians readers! ...there really has never been a better exchange rate for spontaneous online shopping...!


  1. I love the rain drop wallpaper. Very cute. If I have kids...
    And 3 week turnaround time, now that's amazing.

    Nice find!

  2. Wow these are so great! Wish I owned my walls so I could wallpaper!


  3. those prints are amazing!!!