Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Melbourne Home - Daydream Lily!

The Melbourne home of blogger Liss Winnel, aka Daydream Lily! - The Dining room features an incredible artwork by the very incredible Audrey Kawasaki.

Loungeroom details

More loungeroom love - love this little montage on the mantle, including illos by Kat Macleod, Mel Stringer, Amy Borell... and her treasured lomo cameras!

I was so thrilled when Liss Winnel (aka Daydream Lily!) emailed me recently to see if I would be interested in featuring her home! Oooh la la how could I not accept such an offer! Daydream Lily is one of Melbourne's loveliest and most popular blogs - Liss has been writing even longer than me(!!), and her deliciously girly blog has a huge following both here and in the US. As far as I'm concerned, Daydream Lily is definitely Melbourne blog royalty! Aside from editing a very special collection of artwork and photography on her site, Liss also seems to uncover the most covetable goodies from across the globe... nonesuchthings is one such brilliant online discovery - gold! How do you do it Liss!?

I headed across town to visit Ms D. Lily on a wintery Sunday morning... it was so lovely to meet her, and it will come as no surprise to Liss's many fans that her home is every bit as dreamy and feminine as her blog! Straight out of a Frankie home story, I tell ya! Amongst Liss's treasured pieces on display were original artworks by Kat Macleod, Mel Stringer, Amy Borell, Catherine Campbell, Kelly Smith and her very talented sister, Bec Winnel.

To accompany these pics, Liss has kindly answered 5 questions about her blog for those die-hard fans out there! -

What first inspired you to start the Daydream Lily blog, and how long have you been writing now?

I was looking for a creative outlet and started reading craft and design blogs. I also wanted to connect with other like minded people and saw blogging as a way to do that. I started by blogging what I was making and then it developed into sharing all the beautiful things I was finding on the internet. It's now 3 years that I’ve been blogging.

What has been one exciting experience to come out of Daydream Lily?

Being asked to be a LomoAmigo for the Diana Mini Camera was pretty exciting! It also started my obsession with Lomo Cameras.

What have been one or two favourite posts and why?

Some of my favourite posts have been the ones where I’ve combined photos with a quote or lyric. Often those post are like a journal entry for me, they reflect something that’s happening in that point in my life or some words to live by. Like this one “Sometimes you have to..

Or this one - "happy weekend".

What do you do outside of the blog? Are you creative in other areas of your life?

I try to be! I do some of my own photography. I'm really interested in analogue and older cameras right now.

What's next for Daydream Lily?

I'm working on a few creative collaborations but they wont be ready till later this year....!

HUGE thanks to Liss for sharing her home and her Sunday morning with me! She's had a few requests recently to share pics of her home - I feel truly lucky she chose to share them with us first! Thanks Liss! x

Bedroom details... Illustration in top right-hand image is by Kelly Smith... also love the mismatched op-shop pillowcases!

Bedroom details - including artworks up top by Liss's sister Bec Winnel (centre) and Catherine Campbell (right).

Kitchen details...


  1. Love it!! A girl after my own heart who loves owls, butterflies, and letters on walls and in surprising places!

    Linda. :)

  2. I love girly. It's like stepping into a quirky, Sarah Moon 70s print. Romantic, fab and everything I would expect from Daydream Lily. What a lovely start to my day these images are. xx

  3. so beautiful! i love the pink. it's very daydream lily :)

  4. oh wow. i love Daydream Lily and now i love it even more because i can just imagine Liss typing away on her computer surrounded by this beauty. what a place for inspiration!
    Pearl xo

  5. this house is just amazing!!!

  6. Oh, so lovely!

    I especially adore all the artwork - just my style!

  7. Lovely post and interview, her home is so lovely !

  8. The litho of the dark haired girl with the striped tights is by artist Stella Im Hultberg (who has actually collaborated with Audrey Kawasaki -- two of my favourites!)

  9. Ah I love her blog. And her home is just as dreamy!

  10. Ummmm love. Totally how I imagined Liss' place would look. What a chic lil' lady xx

  11. her humble abode is so quaint!
    i love all the artworks strung throughout the place.
    its really quite beautiful.

    thanks for sharing lady lucy x

  12. Oh my goodness it is exactly as I pictured it would be!! Liss's house exudes the warmth that comes through in her blog and her beautiful personality! It is so inviting so cozy..... a beautiful place to sip tea, read a great book or just be! an absolute inspiration just like her blog x

  13. wow her place is gorgeous!!!!!

  14. Lovely.....such a treat for the eyes!

  15. Wonderful interview, I love both of your blogs!

    xo Mary Jo