Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heatherly Design

Custom upholstered bedheads by Heatherly Design

I discovered Heatherly Design recently at Magnolia Square - prompting another 'why didn't I know about this already!?' moment! Wow, what a brilliant little local design company! Based in rural Victoria, Heatherly started out in 2000 with an initial focus on interior design and colour consultation. Heatherly's owner/director Georgie Leckey soon recognised a gap in the market for stylish custom upholstered bedheads, and seized the opportunity to adapt and fill this niche.

The Heatherly Design website allows customers to design a custom bedhead according to Heatherly's range of designs, sizes and fabrics - or you can source and supply your own fabric if you prefer. The prices are extremely reasonable, particularly for a customised locally-made product!

My fave has got to be the raw Belgian linen with cross-stitch detail (below)... beautiful! (There is a stunning shot of it, styled by Glen Proebstel, which featured in Country Style magazine - check it out on the Heatherly press page).


  1. i love tufted headboards -- they are my fave! saw one at h.d. buttercup that i loveloveloved but cannot afford :[

    that cross-stitch one is super cute though!

  2. i love a padded bedhead.

  3. Welcome back Lucy!
    I lusted after this bedhead when I saw it Mag Square too. That blue velvet is D.I.V.I.N.E!!

  4. What fabulous photos! I have spent this morning photographing beds and they are not as easy as they look :-)

    Leeann x

  5. love this post. exactly what i've been looking for.