Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coloured powerpoints and lightswitches by HPM

I just received a sample of these fabulous new Linea coloured electrical fittings in the post... How super brilliant are they!? I actually cannot believe I have never seen a coloured powerpoint until now. Genius! (....and just in time for my new kitchen!).

In actual fact, these pics absolutely don't do them justice - in reality each cover plate is super slimline (ie minimal protrusion from the wall), the colours have a wonderful depth about them and the matte finish of each plate is durable (scratch resistant) and very classy!

The Linea Colours range is available through electrical wholesaler HPM... More details and the full colour range can be seen on the Linea Colours website.

At this stage the Linea range can be ordered through Bunnings at the special orders counter. They're also available to trade through a number of wholesale outlets.. check the website for stockists. ...and if the press release is to be believed, these are apparently an affordable alternative to the usual chunky white gpo.


  1. Love these! I like them more as a 'blending in' than 'standing out'.... like using the black on on black wallpaper etc. :)

  2. Oh boy it seems so obvious, why has no-one done them before? About time!

  3. Oh I agree with Emma... about time! And I was only complaining to my hubby about our ugly grey ones the other day! Thanks for sharing :) x

  4. I share your excitement of these - I also got sent their little booty & made many excited wow noises when exploring the contents of the box!

  5. Great colour range - I am sure my landlord could only applaud me if I was to add these to create a bit of wall to wall excitement in my place!

  6. If you're going to break the mold on an established interior
    "thing", then why not go the whole way? These are just normal light fittings, in the same size and shape, with the same white switches still inside.. just with a bit of colour added to the plastic exterior casing.
    Truly, I love this blog and visit every day, but this item really gets up my nose for some reason. I think it is also the matt looking finish to the photos. So in addition to being not all that exciting, design wise, they are going to be covered in fingerprints in no time flat?

  7. hey guys thanks for your comments on this one! I thought it was kind of genius too :)

    RedOrangePink - sorry to get up your nose with this one! Truly, if you saw these in the flesh I actually think their appeal would be more obvious. The photos really don't do them justice. Yeah, it's only the outer casing which is coloured... but actually you can get the inside bits (switches / plug) in either white, cream or black. Not just white.

    Also they actually look quite different to normal powerpoints up close. They're very sleek - normal powerpoints protrude around 1cm from the wall (very chunky!), by comparison these are really sleek and protrude only a a few mm from the wall, with sleek tapered edges rather than a 'corner' if you get my drift.. Also the matte finish is actually really sexy and doesn't seem any easier to mark than shiny plastic - it's not rubbery, it's just hard plastic with a matte finish. A shiny white lightswitch would probably be a lot easier to mark with grubby fingers.

    Anyway no worries not everyone has to like 'em! I thought they were pretty rad. Can you believe I just used the word rad?!


  8. really nice - I love colour! I could see a red and orange one in my house.

  9. Well, I have seen them in the flesh and they are quite nice. (I work for an Electrical Wholesaler in Rosebery NSW, we are a stockist for the range but do not keep all colours in stock).

    They have a nice feel, a solid point of view and a range of combinations that could suit any design situation.

    And in general use, they mark far less easily than the standard white matt/gloss variety from HPM.. unless they are in the kitchen and any minute amount of grease/oil/splash makes its mark and looks rather awful.

    You can get White, Cream and Black Mechanisms for the "guts" of the unit which makes some of the colours stand out and is quite attractive.

    I do however find that they will date VERY quickly. As with most "special colour" items within the industry you DO pay a premium price.. but the good news is when you get sick "Wet Elephant" or "Ninja Khaki" you can just trade up to "5 o'clock Olive" or "Cheeky Boy Blue" without changing your hardware, and just replacing the face plate. (or if you were me.. go back to boring old white).

    All in all HPM have done a great job of standing out in the marketplace.... but I think longevity is the issue.

  10. Oh they are lovely aren't they! In the right house they would look amazing. I would just worry about the landfill waste issue.

  11. Hi Anna Lloyd, They aren't "disposable". Is that what you mean by landfill waste issue? They are just used and installed like you would use the old white ones everyone has.