Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tote Love

Jane / Chip Chop! Baglaboration (= collaboration)

Michi girl
co-creator Daniel Pollock (yes, that's right, he's a boy) has come up with a delightfully wacky project in collaboration with Aussie tote bag aficionados Chip Chop! I thought it might be something to do with the Fashion Festival... but it's not. Anyway, do you really need a reason to design a super-sized tote bag?

The resulting ridiculously large bag measure 1.15m x 2m, and costs AU$495. Just think of the possibilities! Original over-sized artwork? Alternative bedlinen? Storage space for unused roof insulation? (I think Michi's timely suggestion of shopping for a baby elephant takes the cake.)

CUTE shoot. So cute, I couldn't choose which shots to use. (common problem). Love the little legs poking out and bright white socks... very Alice in Wonderland...

ps) Chip Chop! also has many more managable-size totes for sale online... love them all.

I quite adore the Frenchy 'Oui Oui' (but why does the model look so grumpy?)... and PLEASE do not kill me but that Pom Pom one is sold out. I'm SORRY! How could I not share it? So cute!


  1. What fun - me too about the legs poking out of the bag!! love it! KG

  2. I love that HUGE bag, its hilarious!!!

  3. Queen bee give away

    Great the light globe.

    Just reminded me of the Black Eyed Peas current song.

    'I'm a bee'

    David -