Monday, March 29, 2010

Tinker by Prinktink

Unique fabrics and soft-furnishings by Melbourne screenprinters PrintinK - photos by Paul Barbera.

The fabulous Shannon Lamden aka blogstar / craftstar Aunty Cookie recently tipped me off about Melbourne screenprinting gurus PrintinK... and then as luck would have it, I stumbled across their beautiful work in person at Magnolia Square only a week or so later. So you know, when something crosses your path twice in one week I guess that means you have to blog it!

PrintinK was born in 2005 by three RMIT textile-design graduates - Jason Cesani, Nadia Husiak and Lisa Carroll. They work out of fabulous big screenprinting workshop in West Melb, where they do all kinds of interesting custom print work for local cool creative peeps. in 2008 the trio also launched their own line of screenprinted fabrics, wallpaper, kids clothes and soft furnishings under the name Tinker by Print Ink... It is SO gorgeous - a beautiful muted colour palette and very eclectic patterns, from retro geometric styles, to more classic, floral designs... super lovely stuff. A little slice of Amy Butler but with a distinctly Melbourne edge! (ie less girly, more bold and graphic and punchy!)

Do check out PrintinK's website and online store - much gorgeousness to discover. Their lovely studio space has also recently been documented by the unstoppable Paul Barbera - check out his fabulous shots here.

Thanks again for the tip-off Shannon!

These shots by Shannon Lambden (thankyou!)

Photos above by Shannon Lambden


  1. no problemmo, that 'where we create' site is unrool.

    ps. no B in lamden.

  2. I love those fabrcis- I don't even know which one I like the most - they are so gorgeous!

  3. The quilts, cushions and ottomans are sensational I love them all, do you have wholesale accounts, I have an online home decor store and want to stock your products.

  4. I love the light colors and how they all have unique patterns in their fabrics yet they all come together nicely. Very subdued set-up, very relaxing! Great job!

  5. pretty!

  6. Wonderful.....hope to see you at DesignEx