Monday, March 15, 2010

Sportsgirl Blog

Melbourne illustrator Sarah Hankinson will appear in the Sportsgirl Chadstone store in April to customise purchases with mini-artworks on the spot!

Not many mainstream retailers seem to get it right when it comes to blogs... but Sportsgirl is putting in a good effort with theirs I have to say. The Sportsgirl blog is kinda sickly sweet, but it is very cute and surprisingly well put-together. They update regularly, they promote and link to lots of other local fashion blogs, and the content seems thoughtful and not entirely focused on getting people through the door... sort of :)

LMFF Metamorphosis Student Showcase is all over the Sportsgirl blog this month. Lots of sweet publicity for local fashion design students... Love the circus-style creations by Danielle Van Camp.

Bloggers take over Sportsgirl windows! Love this reciprocal blog-centric campaign in which local fashion bloggers were invited to design a Sportsgirl window - and ended up with their URL plastered right across the glass for everyone to see! Sportsgirl's Chapel st store was made over with a Harajuku-inspired display by Hayley Hughes of Fashion Hayley... nice work!

They're plugging a cute little campaign at the moment on the SG blog... In The Spotlight is all about promoting Australian emerging design talent - and of course there's lots of love for local young fashion designers and illustrators.

The Illustrators Instore event coming up in April is a particularly a fab idea. Illustrators Kareena Zerefos and Sarah Hankinson will appear in selected Melbourne and Sydney Sportsgirl stores in April, creating custom mini-artworks on plain tees / trainers / bags purchased in-store! Isn't that a lovely idea? If I were 17 again I would totally get into it.

Also this little In The Spotlight film is really sweet... but kind of needs a script. The cuteness isn't quite enough to sustain two full minutes. Still. Cute.

So... I'm going out on a limb and saying the Sportsgirl Blog gets The Design Files seal of approval :) ha! Credit where credit's due.

Cute girly new things spotted on the Sportsgirl Blog.


  1. I agree, blog cute. I do think the film could have been "cuter" if all the girls were not quite so blond/whitebread!Where are we? Sweden?

  2. I did like the Chapel window - Hayley does a lot of good Melb work trying to get us all out of black!

  3. I agree, Hayley does a great job. And so does Sarah! Love her drawings.

  4. haha, i recently blogged about sportsgirl too, more from a branding perspective, where i think they're way above their peers in the local youth fashion market

  5. i agree the blog is pretty cute. and it is great that they are using it to bring attention to talented designers and illustrators rather than just teh latest trends they have in store.

  6. it's interesting to see the commercial world finally catch up to the blogging and arty world... I wonder (& HOPE!!) whether the art in fashion will last or whether it'll become soulless again... i'm loving the support at the moment for independants! YAY Kareena too!


    (Spoonful zine)

  7. I am not trying to be a negative nellie, but I am doubtful that the bloggers would have been paid properly. so i think sportsgirl would have gotten more out of it than hayley.

    the thing is, bloggers don't need the exposure. they have the audience already which is why they are invited. so if there's no payoff eventually in endorsement money of some kind, what exactly is the point? creativity? supporting emerging talent? neither of these things will be paying hayley's rent in a material sense. one cannot live on passion alone.

    Someone needs to protect bloggers from unfair contracts.

  8. does anyone know what song that was in the video?