Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Melbourne Home - Beci Orpin

OK dudes, due to popular request, today I am very excited to share the Melbourne home of artist / illustrator / designer extraordinaire Beci Orpin! YES peeps the real Beci Orpin - she of the crying teeth, the colourful babushka dolls, the friendly forest creatures and multicoloured magic toadstools... and just as you would expect, Beci's gorgeous family home in Melbourne's inner North is just as kooky and colourful as her beautiful illustrations!

Of course as you would imagine Beci's home is filled with colour and quirky details... many of her own products and artwork are on display, alongside the work of talented artist friends - and of course lots of artwork by her creative kids too! One surprise I also really loved was the beautiful master bedroom upstairs - very white and almost minimalist, Beci proudly described this as the only 'grown up' space in the house! It is such a gorgeous calming space - huge, light-filled and sparsely furnished... what a lovely place to wake up in the mornings! Whilst devoid of the cacophony of colour elsewhere in the house, the master bedroom is still so very Beci - with the 50's furniture, Eames rocker, Third Drawer Down bedlinen and beautiful little details in every nook!

I am also somewhat obsessed with Beci's fabulously lovely studio/workspace in the front room of her home - or maybe I am just 100% jealous of anyone with an actual designated home office! (as opposed to a dining table, you know?!). Beci's workspace is full of brilliant books and artfully arranged nik naks... aahhh. Something to aspire to!

HUGE thanks to Beci and the gorgeous little Ari for having me and letting me run around like a mad woman with a a camera! Thanks too for the tea and treats! It was so nice to discover that you guys are my neighbours!

Pssst. did you guys know also that Beci now has an online shoppe? (...not to be confused with something entirely different and way less interesting like an online shop or online store :). AND if you haven't got her blog in your blogroll you are totally missing out. Immediate bookmark material!

Bright, light and very 'grown up' bedroom!

Ed Templeton bedlinen by Third Drawer Down.

Artwork in hallway - big frame photo by Raph Rashid, small photo by Johann Rashid.

Owl artwork top right by Beci...

Gorgeous bedroom, white on white paintwork, black bentwood and Marc Jacobs twinkly shoes. All the standard bedroom essentials, really. Artwork in fireplace is a family portrait of Beci's family by artist Brendan Huntley. I LOVE it!

More bedroom details - top left artwork by Christ Johanson, bottom right (people) Geoff Mcfetridge, the rest are miscellaneous and some by Beci!

Yeah, yeah, more with the twinkly shoes. I love them!

Boys room!

Boys bedroom - with artwork by Beci and her boys Tyke and Ari! White doll softie in bottom pic by Amber B.

Artwork in bottom left-hand pic - red painting by Rudin Rashid, framed poster by Studio Violet.

Love the pops of yellow and Marimekko towels in the bathroom!

Garden - love the little cubby house complete with skull and crossbone flag!

Impressive vegie patch (and circular concrete pavers - genius!)

Awww Beci and Ari play with their very trendy House Industries building blocks! Artwork in top image - Rainbow head by Brendan Huntley, cross-stitch by Catherine Huang.

House exterior... love the gate and little black/white 60's mosaic tiles in the entrance...


  1. cool bedspread with the hands..

  2. wow... i can see where all that creative genius comes from now! beautiful space... love the little curiosity cabinets (and the sparkly shoes too). Thanks for sharing it!

  3. absolutely gorgeously perfect... !

  4. Such a colourful and creative home. I LOVE all the little knick knacks everywhere! SO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing guys.

  5. beci
    your zucchini's are great..... i love your whole back yard..jace

  6. So much awesome! I love the colours and the timber. The main bedroom is gorgeous :-D

  7. I love this home with all its quirky, clever touches. Still manages to look uncluttered! And a lovely Blog. xx

  8. I love beci orpin's work so this was a real treat!! thanks.


  9. I know this building! Yay for the neighbourhood!

  10. I could live there, easy-peasy. Gorgeous house Beci!

  11. ooooh, i want those shoes! and the miffy!

  12. Oh wow Beci's house is amazing!
    And I don't mean 'Amazing' I mean literally AMAZING.
    She never fails to inspire me. 5 years and still going strong.
    You feature the best homes Lucy!
    I have a feeling i'll be visiting you daily now that i'm looking for a new house.
    Many decorating ideas to be found :)

  13. backyard and white painted brick envy..

  14. does anyone know where one could get the tins in the photo that's 13th from the bottom? or even what they're called!

  15. Love it..I've got studio envy now! I keep eyeing off my daughters bedroom - front of the house, nice and light... would be perfect for it! She is only 7 months tho.. probably a little young to start bunking in with her older bro : (

  16. thanks for all your very very very nice comments!! the tines in teh photo are from good ol' ikea!

    beci x

  17. so lovely! i have always wondered what her house would be like and it totally lives up to all expectations. too much good artwork. your photographs are great lucy.

  18. amazing & clever , esp hard with kids - you did it / doing it !

  19. Beautiful Images! Lovely Blog x

  20. Your place is lovely! It looks so alive and cozy:) I loved so many of the details, it's beautiful!

  21. Where can you buy Brendan Huntley artworks online? they are awesome!