Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magnolia Square round-up

Illustration and pretty papery things by Sweet William - most (but not quite all) shots here of the Magnolia Square event are by Pru Trundle of Little Bird Photography.

Couple of favourite stalls from Magnolia Square - tote bags by Lola and Bailey, and fabulous vintage wares by K7 Vintage Homewares.

Lots of cute kids things! Handmade clothes by Knuffle Kid... loved the crocheted toadstools too! (sorry can't find the supplier details on this one - remind me?)

Fabulous array of soft furnishings - top left - lampshades and rag dolls by Raggidy Rag Dolls, top right - Tinker by PrintInk screenprinters, and bottom - lovely cushions by Noir Design.

Lovely details dressed up the venue at St Kila Town Hall...

Magnolia Square has an impressive reputation on the Melbourne crafty ladies circuit... It's a very boutique gift fair, carefully edited, with a focus on high-quality locally designed and crafted gifts and homewares, local gourmet food products, and lots of extremely gorgeous kids stuff! Sugary-sweet and super girly... a morning at Mag Square is sure to involve piles of cupcakes, a (delectable catering by Ed Dixon), an impressive array of expensive strollers (including the odd minor traffic jam!), candy-stripes, polka-dots, lots of PINK, and many, many super cute (and very well-dressed) children!

The Cupcake Wrapper Company - a little bit of Martha right here in Melbourne!

Nic MacIsaac, multi-tasker extraordinaire, runs this regular event... and she kindly invited me to pop along on Friday to 'judge' the wares and pick a favourite vendor! I felt very under-qualified for such responsibility... but headed out nonetheless, and was very relieved to find Tiger & Peacock's Aimee McCallum also amongst the judges! Phew!

Aimee and I took waaaay too long to make our selections... I am easily sidetracked at the best of times, and was truly impressed with the sheer quality of the wares on offer - Nic is very selective when putting together each fair, and it certainly shows! Big thanks to Nic and Kathee for inviting me along and gifting all the judges with the most insanely generous goodie-bags! OH my. Very spoilt.

Omigod the official photographer snapped me...! (Yes I know my eyes are closed... but other than that I thought I looked semi-ok? Well as good as can be expected when standing alongside the gorgeous Lindy Klim!)


  1. OMG! was that a Belgium Chocolate Crackle I just spied on the cake stand?

  2. I love those paper umbrellas - is there a stockist I contact?

  3. The treats look absolutely scrumptious!

  4. Thanks for your comments Estelle and Moca James!

    YES Belgiun Choc Crackles how luxurious!! :) There were also lots of chocolate brownies, cookies and fudge. VERY decadent!

    re: paper umbrellas... not sure specifically... but I would try the those $2 shops on Victoria st Richmond? The ones with the chinese lanterns hanging out the front. I saw some similar just this week in one on Victoria st near the Church st intersection?!

  5. The accidental shot is great Lucy, you are looking in fine fettle!

  6. Thanks for the mention Lucy - lovely to meet you at Mag. Square - Paula, Sweet William.

  7. Can I leave some love for the caterer, Ed, from Ed Dixon Food Design? Belgian chocolate crackles, brownies that my husband would marry her for, and a great eye for design.

  8. Cant believe i missed the mag sq! it looked a m a z i n g!
    and i only live around the cnr from the town hall!
    but already droppped the dates down for their next melbourne event!
    thanks lucy!

  9. The beautiful umbrellas - I am pretty sure that they are from a very clever lady Amber www.loveaj.com.au
    Was a lovely market and can highly recommend the brownies :)

  10. Toadstools are from Habitat Baby - www.habitatbaby.com.au I have them both and LOVE them! Prue x

  11. Your outfit is super adorable, and I would've died to see all of those pretty things! :D

  12. Thanks for the mention Lucy. Glad you enjoyed your time at mag square.