Monday, March 1, 2010

Insert Coin Here

Insert Coin Here - running as part of the LMFF Cultural Program, March 1st - 31st. Graphic design by Luci Everett.

Pocket Garden miniature books by printmaker Kyoko Imazu will be included in the show... (I seriously have my fingers crossed for one of these...! More pics on Kyoko's lovely blog.)

Paper birdies by Sarah McNeil.

The Indispensables - Beautiful wearable rosettes by Leah Muddle (co-owner of Milly Sleeping, amongst many other creative pursuits). ps. Is Leah Muddle not the most brilliant name? I would die for a name of this cuteness.

In case you didn't know (unlikely), the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is now upon us... and whilst I have pretty much zero interest in attending any kind of fashion runway show, I must say I am quite curious about some of the interesting offerings in the LMFF cultural program.

Insert Coin Here is one such project, curated by two ladies from Craft Victoria's talented team - Nella Themelios & Kim Brockett. From tomorrow, Insert Coin Here will see two gumball-style vending machines placed in various locations within the CBD, each containing a curated collection of limited edition object-based mini artworks. All in all there are 600 mini artworks included in the project, produced by over 60 Melbourne-based artists, designers and craftsters - including TDF faves Amy Borrell, Dawn Tan and Dell Stewart... and so many more!

For just $2.00, you can have your twist of the gumball machine, and walk away with a sweet little handmade artwork by one of these talented local artists. How awesome is that? Plus, who knows, perhaps one day a handful of these artists will have reached the giddy heights of international fame, and your precious little keepsake might be worth some serious $!

ps) I have a sneaking suspicion this little show is gonna be slightly, unexpectedly HUGE, and the 600 artworks will disappear in, like, 48 hrs. Don't say I didn't warn you...!

This week Insert Coin Here can be found at Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane, CBD.

From March 7th the project will move to various other locations - for a full list pop over and visit the Insert Coin Here blog!

Text-based artworks entitled 'Finding Each Other' by artist and film director Antuong Nguyen.

Top - Chad Catcher artworks created from hole punched leftovers by Anita Cummins, Bottom - Award Ribbon Brooches by Amy Borrell.

Ceramic badges with handwritten Miranda-July-esque confessional statements, by Melbourne-based artist Simon Zoric.

Oh I do love these behind-the-scenes gumball machine madness shots on the Insert Coin Here blog! Cute. These girls must have had such crazy fun pulling it all together!


  1. What a brilliant concept! I'm with you ~ I bet all the balls are gone within no-time!

  2. oh wow! Thank you so much for the lovely post Lucy!

    We've had a few people come in this morning already, hope it lasts till the end of the week!

    Thanks again, you are too lovely!

    xx Nella and Kim (Insert Coin Here)

  3. I'd prefer these goodies to the stuff that's in most gum ball machines.

  4. I think I love you Pocket Garden! Perhaps this could be a traveling show... second stop Sydney pleeeassse!

  5. OH thanks for all your comments ladies!

    YES Kim I am convinced they will not last the month!

    Nella and Kim - loving your idea so so much... and I seriously love that shot of you both carrying the vending machine down the street! :) cutenes.

    Moca James - yes yes I know! Insanely good value for $2!

    Justine - WHY am I not surprised that you love the pocket garden best!? It is totally up your alley..! I have my fingers crossed on for one those. OR also I love Leah Muddle's gorgeous (and very wearable) rosettes..

  6. Oh thanks Lucy!

    We've already sold out of capsules for this week - and it's only been 6 hours! eeep!!

    PS, that's not me in the photos, that's Nella and our good friend Melody (who's also in the show!) who are carrying the machine. I'm not usually in photos because I'm always the one behind the safety of the camera!

    Thanks again! We hope you can drop by to check it out :)

    XX N+K

  7. My husband just called to let me know he snuck down in his lunch break for a couple of twists of 'art machine' as he calls it. I can't wait to see what little pieces he brings home, I haven't been this excited in yonkers!
    Thanks Nella & Kim, and thank you Lucy for the heads up!

  8. My five year old son Leo and I are both makers for this awesome show, we are saving pocket money to get some capsules soon! He wrote about it on his blog, so proud of my boy, his first exhibition!

  9. I actually walked past these at Craft Vic on their first day and thought they were real gumball machines. It wasn't til I was walking out and someone else was getting something that I realised what they were so I luckily got 2! It is such a great idea. Any plans on bringing them to Sydney? Maybe put them somewhere like the Finders Keepers Market

  10. The pockets books are so special ~ lovely!