Friday, March 26, 2010

HOMELOVE winners!

Well my goodness... Megan Morton has single-handedly set a new benchmark for daily comments on this site! 367 Comments!? You guys must really love bread / books / nailpolish!

OK Mr Randomiser has selected the winners... here goes -

*shka81 who said... 'oh crap! this might actually be the best giveaway ever.. how awesome'
*Kim Wallace of Udessi
*Zoe C who said... 'This is my favourite prize you've offered! What a great mix of awesome things.'
*Ali who said 'MM'S A STAR - i'd love a copy!!!!'
*Shelley Trbuhovich
*Kirsty of Coffee Cake Sunday
*Jo S who said... 'That is the quirkiest and most lovely grouping of goodies I have seen in ages!!'
*Emilie of Midwest Freedom
*Laila who said... 'That is certainly how it is done - a story in every corner of every room. We have a master storyteller here... i'd love to learn her tricks!
*Lau-Lau who said... 'Oh my... This has made my day! Oh so pretty!! Fingers crossed!'

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

If you have won please send me an email today with subject line 'MM winner!' - and include the user name you used to post your comment, your full name and your postal address! Thankyou!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered... Megan was truly thrilled to read all your wonderful comments, and spent much of yesterday with her lovely assistant Emily, excitedly refreshing the comments over and over! :) Thankyou so much for your enthusiasm!

Thanks also of course to Megan, Emily and Homelove's publisher, Penguin for the giveaway of the century! Don't forget to bookmark the Homelove blog, and pop over there for Megan's live chat deco advice Q&A next Tuesday at 10.00am! x


  1. Whats ur email address???

  2. Oh sorry Ali, you can click on the 'email me' in the right-hand column over there... but it's :)


  3. no bloody way, luscious lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo hoooo! i'm so excited, my first ever blog prize win....and out of all those people.....and a book i was going to buy anyway....and it is put together by mm and sweet you.....and i could go on and on....thanks so much. xxx
    ps. love you mr randomiser.

  4. You really have some unique things offered on your blog. Great pictures.

  5. OMG I'm so excited! Email coming your way right now.

    Thanks Lucy!!

  6. Thank you so much! Let me know if you didn't get my email! This is so great!

  7. oh goodie - just read this. Emailing now!