Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daylesford Home - Jessie Fairweather

The Daylesford home of graphic designer Jessie Fairweather - The kitchen is designed around some reclaimed science benches from Melbourne Uni, and Ikea! The floors are black cement. All Photos by Roma Samuel, originally published in Green Magazine.

YES... it's another Daylesford dream house! What can I say.... there is definitely some design magic in the air up there! (Hmmm I think I feel a regional design guide coming on...!).

This is the incredible new home of super talented Melbourne designer Jessie Fairweather. How GREAT is it? I am so totally jealous. You might remember Jessie's business - The Foundry, and her brilliant papergoods range, Measure, which I blogged a long time ago? Jessie has had an insanely busy couple of years launching her business, building her new home, and then moving both her home and her business to Daylesford, about an hour and half from central Melbourne. And you know what else, Jessie did all this on her own!? Amazingness. I am totally inspired!

Jessie bought her little block of land in Daylesford a few years ago whilst still living and working in Melbourne. After a few years of thinking and planning how she might build an affordable, sustainable home on her little block, Jessie engaged local builder Mat Boyle of Pumphouse Design to realise her vision. Mat's previous residential work appealed to Jessie, as did his focus on sustainable building methods, and his use of mainly reclaimed materials. The home was designed based on a studio shed Mat had previously built in Castlemaine – essentially a 10 x 10 metre corrugated iron studio with high ceilings, exposed reclaimed trusses, and cement floor. She added a studio on the side, and kept most of the living/kitchen space open. The house has just 1 bedroom, bathroom, and separate toilet and laundry.

Jessie moved her life and her business to Daylesford a couple of days before Christmas in 2008. During the process of designing and building her beautiful, sustainable home, Jessie completely fell in love with the area, and she says can no longer imagine living anywhere else! (Neither would I!). It was such a huge, brave move for a single lady with a fledgling design business... and personally I am just so in awe of Jessie's incredible drive to make it work!

Jessie says her neighbours in Daylesford have been so incredibly welcoming... she loves the community spirit - and the rosellas, cockatoos and kangaroos who visit her backyard daily! Oh, and ps - since making her big move, Jessie has met her lovely man, who just happens to work in Breakfast & Beer - Jessie's favourite café in Daylesford! Now that's a success story. NICE work!

Found by the Foundry (Jessie's retail shop!)
4 Howe Street

VIC 3460

ph. (03) 5348 3626

Jessie reclines in her gorgeous living room.... agghh too beautiful! Love all the Danish and vintage/industrial furniture... that beautiful vintage timber piece under the window is a winner!

Double doors made from recycled floorboards close off the living area.

A little paper model of the house, made by Jessie for a group exhibition titled “your world in 15x15cm”.

PS) All these fab photos of Jessie's home have been kindly shared by Green Magazine - a beautiful local publication which highlights the best in sustainable architecture and design both locally and internationally. Green Magazine was founded 3 years ago by husband and wife team, photographer/editor Tamsin O'Neill and publisher Tom Bodycomb. There are more pics of Jessie's gorgeous home, and many more wonderful examples of local sustainable living in this month's issue - out now! Do support this brilliant local mag - it's available at Borders and most newsagents. Thanks again Tamsin!

Green Magazine - Issue 12 out now!


  1. What a beautiful, original home! I love all the reclaimed elements. Jess is a very inspiring lady.

  2. Oh. My. God.
    This is an incredible house. It would have to be one of my favourites you've posted Lucy. And Jess's story is so inspiring. She sounds like such a {lovely} go-getter! Hats off to her, and to you Lucy - for always managing to post only about the best stuff. Seriously - you kill me lady.
    x dana

  3. Oohh what a gorgeous home! I love the use of recycled timbers and am a bit jealous of local kangaroos visiting your garden!!
    I'm also a big fan of GREEN magazine - I subscribe to it and love every issue :-)

  4. I'm inspired! Amazing, amazing! I especially love that paper house : ) Congrats Jesse. You have a really beautiful home. xx

  5. Amazing!!! I love the look of it all and how so much is recycled. I want those drawers!! Nice :-D

  6. Really stunning. I am lucky enough to live near Jess's shop, she's very inspiring!

  7. Gorgeous! Loving all these Daylesford homes! So glad we moved here :)

  8. Love the science cabinets, the house, the charcoal grey...

  9. jessie spoke at creative women's circle last year and she was completely inspirational. you can tell she thinks things through in a 'measured' (pardon the pun!) and methodical way. she was completely at ease in her own skin. what a fantastic home. beautiful. x

  10. I really love this home and all Jess's beautiful design. But how inspiring to finally hear about someone who initiated this all themselves without the emotional and/or financial support of a partner (which seems to be the common theme with other people's stories). Good for Jess, and thanks for reminding us solo types it can be done!

  11. Great post...great home
    Before the industrial revolution house building involved the consumption of little or no fossil fuel. Translated into modern terms, old houses have been the absolute ultimate in sustainable dwellings