Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upon a Fold

Upon a Fold - brand new Sydney-based online store of papery goodness.

Gorgeous little hand-folded hearts which Upon a Fold have been sending out with all their early orders!

From the pop-up book collection...

Awesome little 'Play More' notebook from Holland - on the back of each lined page is a printed pattern resembling familiar sports equipment.. so that when you crumple up your note in frustration, it takes on the form of a ball for you to shoot in the closest recycle bin!

Oh my goodness.

Upon a Fold is seriously the most gorgeous brand new Australian online store - specialising in all things PAPER. It is truly the most beautifully curated collection of papergoods - lots of stunning paper products from Japan... just so much papery goodness I can't even tell you - you have to go see for yourself! It is truly divine.

Upon a Fold realises a life-long dream for Sydney-based graphic designer and paper-lover Justine Fahd. Justine has scoured the globe to source the most brilliant collection of stationery, pop-up books, cards and unique paper gifts and accessories.. as well as a carefully selected collection of publications covering papercraft and Japanese folding techniques... it is such a perfect collection all in one place. I am SO impressed!

The Upon a Fold website is also ridiculously cute, designed of course by Justine, and built by Melbourne based web gurus Inventive Labs.

... and you'll be pleased to know that Justine has also spent time building a GORGEOUS little blog which is just as delicious as the store... it is really excellent and totally bookmark-able in its own right.

I don't think I can make it any clearer. Just get over there and check it out! OK?!

'Jewelgraphy' diamonds card

Match post-its for bookmarking pages...

Pop-up signed artwork by Dutch paper artist Ingrid Siliakus


  1. Wow! This store rocks my world! Thanks for the introduction, paper is an extraordinary material and I love to see what some people are doing with it.

  2. Wow. Just... wow.

    I love it all! So many beautiful things.

  3. We are big fans, too. I've already put in my order!
    Lee Tran

  4. Ooooh ahhhh, I've just been salivating over the website trying to talk myself out of buying everything. Loving that it's not just a repeat of the same old things we've seen before.

    Hooray! New stuff!

  5. So our paper-pushing days aren't entirely over? Love the idea of paper jewellery and those flower corsages are curiously cute.

  6. all of these ideas..I have been itching to do something with paper lately....just not quite sure what as yet?

  7. just gorgeous and I have never heard of them am off for a shop now.

  8. so lovely! so fun!

    I see a fabulous first wedding anniversary present in the works...

  9. Takes my breathe away to see these beautiful paper creations. So mathematical yet so delicate at the same time...