Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MOR giveaway winner!

Well you will not believe it... but the lucky winner of yesterday's giveaway is called Lucy! (But it isn't me! I promise!). In fact, the lucky lady is fab local illustrator Lucy King who I have coincidentally featured before on the site... congrats on your prize Lucy!

Thankyou so so much for everyone who entered! (bit of a record - over 200 comments in one day!). I am so sorry I couldn't give each and every one of you a prize... you totally all deserve one! :)

ps) as you guys know, I allocate each comment a number in sequence, and use to generate a random number to select winners for all Design Files giveaways. So it is totally not up to me who wins (not that I don't appreciate all the hilarious uses of the word MOR in all the comments yesterday - you guys had me chuckling all day!)


  1. Thanks Lucy - I'm very excited about my prize of the delicious MOR products! Lucy x

  2. awww congrats, at least they are going to a gorgeous arty home!!

    nice illustrations lucy..i mean lucy....