Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Melbourne Home - Allison Jones of Lark

The Daylesford home of Lark's Allison Jones - most shots here taken by her pal Rohan Anderson

Cannot get enough of those knitted cupcakes! What is it about them!? Soooo cute!

Love the generous, light-filled kitchen and red painted stools

Kitchen details

Can't have a beautiful country house with a fabulous deep farmhouse sink!

Herbs on the kitchen windowsill

Allison Jones is one of those people I feel like I know, even though we've never met. Even if you don't recognise her name, chances are you have seen shots of her beautiful Daylesford store, Lark, either online or in print... I always feel a sense of familiarity when I see Lark's wonderful products in Melbourne stores... and the Lark blog is just so lovely, I can't help but feel somehow that Allison is a long lost friend who I am still waiting to meet! :)

Now I don't know about you, but after last week's post featuring Lyn Gardener's Daylesford guesthouse, and now browsing through the Lark website, I am thinking a little weekend getaway sometime soon could be in order...! But if you need any further encouragement to visit Lark in person - please check out the true GORGEOUSNESS of the store on Allison's Flickr here! SO pretty. In the meantime, of course you can always shop online!

After drooling over all those beautiful shots of her shop, you can imagine my excitement when Allison agreed to share some pics of her gorgeous family home here! Thanks so much Allison!

ps) Most of the shots of Allison's home were taken by her pal Rohan Anderson - thanks so much to Rohan for letting us share them!

Kid's storybooks stacked and collaged

Oh yes.

Boy's room. Love the vintage wallpaper collage...

More boys room. Where do you buy a green polka dot lampshade like that I wonder!? Ikea?

Lark patchwork quilt, used by Allison for craft markets and trade shows. Underneath, more boys room details.

More boys room.

Vintage wallpaper collection, looking too good to use in that rustic vintage crate!

Vintage flourishes in every corner...


  1. Lots of eye candy in your site as usual, thanks!
    I've seen those polka dot shades while looking for strings of lanterns for a party. They're at

  2. Love the polka dot shade and big metal 5.

  3. I love the profile on Allison's home. Any chance of finding out where the lovely little timber desk in the boys room is from?

  4. I love Allison's Blog and Lark. I feel like moving to Daylesford after these last two posts! xx

  5. Thank you! I found the timber desk at a school fete for $2 while on holiday in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula. The top has a little water damage but it is still usable and, most importantly, it's cute. The metal sign also came from a vintage shop in that area, in Tyabb, they had stacks of them. The polka dot lantern was I think bought from a shop in Ballarat called Such & Such. It is a bit bigger than the one mentioned above from Vivid Room, , maybe 18 inches. Allison x

  6. I work at the Richmond Ikea in the lighting section so I thought I'd let everyone know that we sell some coloured lanterns called MORUP that you could easily add some white circle stickers to get a similar effect. I think it's a great idea, although they look just as pretty plain!

  7. a glorious family home, so beautiful. my favourite is the sideboard with the tiered stand full of lark's crocheted cupcakes! so much fun and quirkiness. x

  8. Everything about the Lark is great isn't it. I have been following their blog for a while and found your link. I am really enjoying having this connection with Australia, especially Daylesford. There seem to be some really good markets as well.

  9. lark is my day's new discovery. thanks for sharing a peek into your amazing home. so lovely.

  10. Every shot was more beautiful than the next with my increasingly louder declarations of 'that's my favourite' ... 'no! that's my favourite' . What a wonderful shoot and thanks so much for sharing such divine inspiration.

  11. this home is amazing. I adore the vintage wallpaper and all the vintage touches. Also love the spacious white and wood kitchen. I would love a home like this!!

  12. Love this interior, you Melbournites do vintage and retro so well! Lots of soul in this home.

  13. Ohh, amazing and lots of inspiration there, thanks for sharing!