Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Luci Everett new stuff!

Georgia Fields poster by Luci Everett

Georgia Fields album artwork by Luci Everett

Some more recent posts by Luci... oooohh my. So lovely.

Oooh the very clever Melbourne-based Luci Everett has been up to her usual graphic magic. Check out these lovely new band posters and album cover art...! So pretty. How good is that Alice-in-Wonderland house of cards business going on up there...?

Nice work! Pop over to Luci's website for lots more lovely recent work.

(Do you remember Luci? Of course you do! I first blogged about her last year here... She has a lovely little blog here, and she is one half of the fabulous We Make Words project, along with other TDF fave, Amy Borrell!)

ps) Shamefully, I don't know who this Georgia Fields person is - but I am seriously thinking I need to find out... If the posters are this good, the music must be heavenly!


  1. Dave from Melbourne by Foot walking tours put me onto Georgia Fields. This is what he said:

    Melbourne songstress Georgia Fields has been the darling of the local pop/indie scene for the past few years. Her infectious songs marry mature lyrics with quirky instrument arrangements and draw inspiration from the likes of Angie Hart, Clare Bowditch and Imogen Heap.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. Wow...what a brilliant creative mind she has...just gorgeous!

  3. Thank you so much Lucy -- I'm definitely spoilt for attention over here. Love your work. xx

  4. Yes I have to agree, they are wonderful , will be looking into that name also x

  5. ooo ahhh.... these are so gorgeous! what a beautiful and original style she has. So many treasures on your delicious blog lucy (& thanks for your lovely comment too)

  6. oh my goodness! I just checked out Luci's site, and it's simply wonderful... she has such a beautiful imagination and really unique style. N x

  7. Oh Luce, She's super cute, she played at Wesley Anne recently and she had the coolest band of percussion instruments.. they even used a hand drill!