Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paper-cut maps by Studio K

Melbourne map paper cut by Karen O'Leary (Studio K)

US-based artist Karen O'Leary (aka Etsy seller Studio K) makes these incredible paper cut maps. They've been doing the blog rounds in the last few months... but still I had to share because they are so lovely - and because in amongst her painstakingly intricate London, Paris and NYC maps is one of little old Melbourne!

Karen's first hand-cut New York map is pictured below - AMAZING or what?


  1. I know, I'm obsessed with Karen's work as well!!

    I came across her work later last year and so as a gift to myself, I got one of her "pen and paper" maps of Paris, to get a little piece of home on our wall. Check it out, it's super cute: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38569620

  2. Amazing! That would take a LOT of patience. So beautifil, like geometric lacework.

  3. Do you reckon Karen's got really great health insurance to cover her RSI. Man, my tendons ache just thinking about it.

  4. AMAZING! my hand gets sore just looking at the one of NY ; )

    oh and i think it is lovely that you wear the ring your dad gave you (which looks divine - go dad) on the finger it feels most comfortable on xx

  5. Do I need more NYC references in my home...methinks yes. If only I had more paypal money in my account....


    I LOVELOVELOVE that she cut Brooklyn instead of Manhattan for once.
    People always seem to forget that Manhattan is not the entirety of NYC when making images of it.

    I also love that I can thus identify my block!

  7. That is crazy, how amazing is that?