Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kitchen Inspiration

Acid yellow / concrete kitchen. Extreme LOVE. I pulled this shot originally from Real Living. (sorry I have no more info... it was many moons ago!)

Stunning green kitchen... love the big window and leafy view. Photograph by Mai-Linh/Marie Claire Maison/Picture Media.

Top - kitchen with blue painted detail - originally from *Wallpaper Magazine. Bottom - super-simple contemporary kitchen - I have no idea where I clipped this from. Hopeless, awfully sorry!

More Real Living Kitchen love. Simple. Gorgeous.

So, I don't normally do this... but today I'm gonna get all Desire to Inspire on you and share a whole bunch of random home eye candy! I've been rifling through my many reference folders on the hunt for kitchen inspiration... as it is our mission to build ourselves a new kitchen this summer! Aggh!

Admittedly, we are working with about 2m x 1.5m of floorspace... so most of the ideas here are a tad ambitious! I also find myself falling for all the completely impractical ideas - like open shelves - which look so lovely, but I know are a bad idea (unless you want to rinse every glass before using it)... and why is it that the cutest kitchens always seem to have zero overhead cupboards??

The acid yellow / concrete kitchen above sings to me so sweetly... and yet I know somehow I'll end up playing it safe with white cupboards and white walls and a dark timber floor. And maybe some chalkboard paint somewhere.

Sooo... which is your favourite?

More from Real Living... LOVE the industrial-style French doors opening out... swoon.

Very posh, very big kitchen! I think this was originally in Inside Out? Photograph - Bulthaup.


  1. I love the bulthaupt kitchen, the combination of wood and aluminium is just mine! I got new kitchen this summer, well, white, wood and aluminium - Ikea, safe choice and cheap :-) But I am thinking of chalkboard paint as well. Good luck in finding your dream kitchen!

  2. i say if you love the yellow kitchen, then go with it. i love concrete benches (they can be a little porous, but depends on how fussy you are - rutso concrete are good). whatever you do, fully integrate your dishwasher and fridge! no-one wants to look at them :)

  3. Thanks Luce, more inspiration please! I'm also researching kitchens for our apartment renovation. I'm also thinking all white but have spied a superb kitchen with white walls, brown cupboards and stainless steel in the Poliform - Varenna catalogue which features a chandelier in the kitchen. It's lovely to plan and dream.

  4. I've always had dark kitchens so I can't wait to have a white one next time. And I LOVE no overhead cupboards, though you may need them for storage due to the smaller kitchen size :( My dream kitchen is white with integrated drawer/door pulls routed into them, no overheads, and some veneered timber shelves, cantilevered Ikea Lack-style to display some of my goodies. Simple but oh so good.

  5. That yellow kitchen is divine (i'm biased - yellow lover!). The polished concrete is such a refreshing alternative to stainless steel. I think it makes the space look bigger too...maybe because it reflects the light well? Either way, you've got some great images there! Good luck!

  6. ooh - i vote for a kitchen remodel before and after feature! love those. i am with you on the everyday-use open shelving. too much hassle. i'd compromise, like neryl walker's hint of open shelving for display crockery.

    can't wait to see what you come up with!

  7. I expected to be tired of the spring green color by now, but instead it makes me feel happy. My other favorite is the natural whites and wood contemporary. All the texture keeps it warm. What a lovely diversity of styles.

  8. This is such a great post--I'd love to re-do my kitchen and would gladly take that second from the bottom photo. p.s. just voted for you in the apt. therapy contest!
    xo Mary Jo

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments and tips ladies!

    Chiaroscuro - Ikea kitchens seem surprisingly great! And YES to chalkboard paint! So everywhere, but still so good!

    Captain KK - I looove the yellow... but.. not sure if my Man will go for it! As for integrating - will def integrate the dishwasher... but we already have a nice-ish stainless fridge so I think we probably compromise and stick with it :) Thanks so much for your tips!

    Lamb - Lisa! Hi! Thanks for reading! OH yes Poliform anything is ok by me. Just without the price tag :) hee!

    Julie - I think your dream kitchen is also my dream kitchen! 'simple by oh so good' - couldn't have put it better myself!

    Eloise - thanks for the yellow-kitchen-love! Yes I looove it too, but I think my fella might take some convincing! Maybe white cupboards and some yellow detail elsewhere.... :)

    Tess - OH that is a great idea. I will def take some before and after shots... although... I worry about getting to 'me, me, me' on this blog! I was already anxious posting these kitchen shots, thinking 'Lucy, no one wants to know about your kitchen reno!' HA! But thanks for the encouragement!

    Kari - YES i know, I love the yellow, i surprisingly I also love the green (unusual for me)... and then I also love the white/timber combinations too. Ahh so many options!

    Mary-Jo - Thanks so much for your comment! I was a bit concerned this post was a bit too vague / random so thanks for letting me know you liked it! And also for voting for me over at Apartment therapy! :) very much appreciated!


  10. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Lucy! I only just started up the new name for my blog today, so you are more than likely my first visitor at my new address :)

    Glad you liked my imaginary dream kitchen too!

  11. Love a bit of kitchen porn!
    I find photos I've saved in files and they are pretty much all kitchens!
    Dream on!

    pen x

  12. We're installing an Ikea kitchen at the moment [farkum nexus in black/brown] and are REALLY happy with the quality of it all. Soft close draw runners are amazing! Our kitchen is a little bit bigger than yours [1900 x 2400] & found that Ikea had a great range in cabinet sizes & we were able to use all the space efficiently.

    My biggest kitchen inspiration was Max & Peter Kater's kitchen, an Ikea kitchen that doesn't scream "IKEA!". Brilliant use of chalkboard paint wall too ;) http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/la/house-tour-max-and-peters-squeakyclean-quarters-sydney-090992

    Ikea kitchen planner is really fun to use too, love that it gives a running total.

    Happy to disclose cost, shoot me through an email if you're interested.

    Good luck!!

  13. Mmm! Chalkboard walls are brilliant! Our mates have one and we always leave a little note. The yellow is so crisp but warm. Love the combination of yellow/grey. Good luck with the reno!