Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rifle Design - brand new online store (+ GORGEOUS Christmas cards!)

Holiday (aka Christmas) cards by Anna Bond of Rifle Design, available online here

Wrapping by Anna Bond of Rifle Design

You might remember I met the super-sweet and super-talented Anna Bond of Rifle Design at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, NY earlier this year? I love love love her gorgeous illustrations, hand-drawn type and muted colour palette... and her custom wedding stationary is especially gorgeous.

Anna has just launched her very own online store... and can I just say, it is totally, seriously awesome. It is so good that I just purchased all my Christmas cards from there (truly!). I cannot get enough of her beautiful work!

Also (unlike Urban Outfitters) Anna posts to Australia for just US$12! ....and with the exchange rate how it is... there really has never been a better time to go online shopping!

Anna's blog is amazing
Rifle's portfolio website is amazing

All these gorgeous things by Anna Bond of Rifle Design, available online here


  1. These cards are gorgeous! So glad I know about the online shop! Hope she has some Christmas cards left for me:-)

  2. love your blog and everything you share with us.

  3. beautiful cards! great article.

    One note: Urban outfitters have just started shipping to Australia... there goes my christmas bonus!

  4. Hey Taryn, thanks do much for your comment!

    Yes sorry I should have clarified - Urban Outfitters ship here but they only offer a flat shipping rate Of US$50 to Aus!!
    I just thought I should mention how reasonable Rifle's shipping rates are in comparison! Xx