Monday, November 2, 2009

Notemaker launches MMMG stationery!

MMMG stationery available from Notemaker

MMMG gift/Christmas cards

Majorly loving these calico bags! Simple but so lovely.

Did you know that Australian online stationery store Notemaker now stocks super-famous cult Korean stationary label MMMG???? (MMMG = millimeter/milligram).

Notemaker is MMMG's first Australian stockist... I cannot believe it has taken so long for them to reach Australian shores! This is serious stationery royalty, people!

Notemaker has an extensive MMMG range, and it's surprisingly reasonable in price... I LOVE those calico bags pictured above ($20, if you don't mind!!?). And... you know... Christmas is just around the corner...! (tick tock!)

Check out the full range here!

You've got lucky!

Also love the desk flip-calender and 'Draw Your Tomorrow' notepads! Cuteness.


  1. Thanks - had seen MMMG before but didn't know it was available in Oz.
    Very cute little people cards

  2. Verrry cute cards with the window envelopes. I love beautiful cards and stationery.

  3. Actually, my store here in Perth has been stocking MMMG for three years so Notemaker aren't quite the first Australian stockist!