Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anthropologie London via Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog!

All these fabulous photos of Anthropologie London by Zoe Yule, via Pia Jane Bijkerk's beautiful blog.

Oh Sorry. It's Anthropologie Thursday again. I realise I posted about Anthropologie last week. But it is too delicious! I can't help it.

I was just browsing through Pia Jane Bijkerk's fabulous blog... and stumbled across these stunning pics of the new Anthropologie London store (their first store outside the US), posted here by Pia's guest blogger Zoe Yule. Is it incredible or WHAT!? Love Zoe's photos and her wide-eyed excitement after attending the London store opening event in Pia's absence (score!).

You MUST go check out Zoe's full post here... she describes the magical evening in wonderful detail - vertical gardens, tea and delectable cakes, custom art installations by carefully selected UK artists - From beautiful handmade ceramic vessels to 'knitted' pots and vintage quilts refashioned into works of art. Aggh. Aesthetic overload.

But it begs the question... Why do we not have such retail gorgeousness going on here...? Come on Australian retailers.... lift your game!


  1. oh it's so true - why can't we have an Anthropologie in Australia?! It PAINS me to read these posts - the products all look so dreamy and lush and exquisite and oh how I want to run my hands over each and every piece, lose my self in the colour!


  2. I'm with you - why can't we have an anthropologie or even anthropologie-inspired store in australia?? they don't even ship here (apparently they will beginning of next year). sometimes i hate living so far away...

  3. Wow, thanks for your kind words, Lucy, I'm so glad you enjoyed my post! You're right, I had a fab time as Pia's deputy for the event, and hopefully Anthro will find itself downunder before much longer!

  4. Hey Lucy,
    Do you have a postal address, id love to send you a copy of a design diary that my company has made.


  5. Hey Emily... sure, send me an email to lucy[at] and I will shoot you back an email with my postal address! Thankyou! Lucy xx

    Sara and Alison - YES I'm with you. I think we need to start a campaign to get Anthro over here! It would certainly get local retailer to sit up and take notice!

    Zoe - thanks so much for your comment! Lovely to hear from you... your posts for Pia area so very inspiring! xx