Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alannah Hill's fabulous website

Screenshots from Alannah Hill's new website... amazingness.

Alannah Hill's new website is amazing! Well, actually, I don't know how new it is. But it seems new. And it is amazing! Such magical detail in every page.... It's designed by Melbourne's Paper Stone Scissors and built by Flint Interactive. (Thanks for the tip-off Mum!)

ALSO how awesome is this little movie featuring Alannah Hill's Autumn/Winter 2009 'Winter Wonderland' collection? Bit out of date now I know, but I love it! The fantastical clothes... the layers and patterns... and of course the fabulous kitschy wintery styling. And Alannah! Who knew she was so brilliantly entertaining!? Nice work.


  1. Agree it's a lovley site. But ironic (or not?!) that she has all those cute bunnies etc running around. Alannah Hill lost me when she insisted on using fur in her designs. Not cool.

  2. Definitely an intriguing site. However I think it has the potential to have much more interactivity. I kept clicking everywhere wanting to discover things, but there wasn't much to interact with.

  3. Deja - actually I do agree with you on that! I was clicking all the rabbits and balloons and... nothing! Except the lipstick! Did you find that one? :)

  4. Very interesting, well designed, maybe she'll add to it over time.