Monday, October 5, 2009

What I wore today - illustrations on Flickr

'What I wore today' illustrations - top left by KatieGreenBean, top right by hellojenuine, bottom left by Interludio, bottom right by Tania Howell.

Just discovered the 'what I wore today' group on Flickr, via an old favourite - illustrator Tania Howell's blog.

It is AWESOME! If I wore something more interesting than jeans and a T shirt every single day, I would totally get in on the action. I feel inspired to accessorise... just to have something interesting to draw.

All the illos are so amazing! Perhaps my faves are by KatieGreenBean. INcredible! Any local illustrators on there? Let me know!


  1. I've submitted one, but haven't had time to do anymore!! It's a fabulous group though, I love it!

  2. These illustrations are awesome. Thanks for sharing! Off to check out her blog.

  3. So cute, and such a lovely idea! Off to check out more of the pics.

  4. ...what about sarah mcneil is she still classed as local?

    i love this flickr group too its a very cute concept. im with you though if my clothes were remotely interesting... well and there is the whole drawing skill thing - id join in : )

  5. I've really been enjoying this group but apart from the fact that I can't draw - who wants to see the same "uniform" that I drag on every day.