Friday, October 2, 2009

NoteMaker giveaway winner!

More NoteMaker goodies...! Love that chartreuse(?) Moleskine notebook... Great colour!

Oh my goodness! Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments! I didn't expect to receive so many lovely compliments but I greatly appreciate all your sweet words! Wowsers. What a lucky blogger I am.

As usual I am so sorry to disappoint so many enthusiastic stationery lovers... but the winning name out of the hat is Petrice!

Congratulations Petrice! Please email me asap and I will pass on your details to NoteMaker so they can give you your $100 voucher!

Thanks again to NoteMaker for this super generous giveaway :) Don't forget that TDF readers receive 10% off all Rhodia products during October! Just click on the NoteMaker ad in my sponsors column for the discount code. Actually all your enthusiastic comments about new stationery have totally inspired me to pop over there and stock up on some Rhodia notepads myself now...!

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